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Whether you’re travelling for leisure, moving abroad, or simply interested in learning a new language, English is a globally recognized language that has transformed the world of communication between regions, cultures, and international communities. Choosing to study English as a second language can range between a beginner course, intermediate and advanced levels dependant upon your own skill level. Since English is the most commonly spoken language in the world, enrolling in an English language program in your home country or abroad will only better your abilities globally in a professional sense along with greater capabilities to communicate with others personally.

What can you do with the skills from an English language program?

The opportunities for someone who chooses to formally study English and learn the language are endless. In terms of professional benefits, English is respected as the language of business between continents and countries that are on a global platform. Many whom are interested in working abroad, or simply in an company that has an international team of employees. Being able to communicate, negotiate and network with others abroad is an invaluable asset for many, opening a door of possibilities!

Another great asset that learning English brings is the increased ability to study abroad at a university or program of higher education that hosts courses with English as their language of instruction. Individuals whom study English are more readily able to navigate life abroad as well, making a study abroad experience that much more attainable.

Learning English allows for so many large and small capabilities:

  • You can stop relying so much on subtitles in film and TV.
  • Understand the language of the internet.
  • Ease of travel between countries
  • Increase your options of higher education abroad
  • Learn more about new cultures
  • Make you more desirable towards potential employers
  • Converse with 400 million people around the world who identify English as their native language

Prerequisites needed to study English:

The prerequisites for enrolling in an English language program abroad will vary greatly in their requirements. Some will have a general education requirement, whereas some will only have an age requirement dependent upon their level of instruction or institute resources. Be sure to check with the course provider that you wish to study English with prior to applying to an English language program abroad.

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What will you learn from through an English language program?

Studying English will not only expose you to a new language, but you will be able to learn more about multiple cultures, history, and global news. Studying English will also teach you how to communicate and understand others in multiple settings such as literature, writing, and oral communication. Many whom study English and develop their skills are also able to learn more about multiple countries and their cultures since English is so highly used and recognized as the national language of 53 countries around the world. English language programs also give you a greater sense of freedom in the world, giving you the skills to communicate with others on multiple platforms and to share your own views and opinions.

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