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Czech Academics

The Czech Republic has a rich educational, academic and scientific tradition and Czech scientists can be accredited with many modern discoveries and inventions; from the modern contact lens, the production of the Semtex plastic explosive, to the separation of modern blood types. In addition, some of the most prominent academics in modern times are associated with the Czech lands: Johannes Kepler, Sigmund Freud and even Albert Einstein.

Degrees in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has been a stalwart of higher education ever since the first established university in central Europe was founded there in 1348. Traditional educational subjects popular with students studying in the Czech Republic are:

  • science,
  • philosophy,
  • medicine,
  • engineering
  • law

Most Czech universities are highly regarded internationally and students that study in the Czech Republic will find that their degree studies are looked upon favourably. Study programmes for international students are mainly Bachelors and Masters programmes.

Other common degree courses available to international students in the Czech Republic include MBA, business and management and political science.


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