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Business & Management Degrees

Study Business & Management!

Studies in business & management open the door to many fields, such as marketing, human resources, finance & banking to mention a few. There is an aspect of business & management in every industry and you will find a wide range of programs to choose from, depending on what areas you want to focus on. Find your program by combining search criteria, such as place and education type. 

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Outdoor Leadership BA (Hons)
University of Central Lancashire
Bachelor's degree
Preston, England
This dynamic course will give you the practical and leadership knowledge you need to be an effective outdoor leader, at...
Outdoor Leadership BA (Hons) - Top-up
University of Central Lancashire
Bachelor's degree
Preston, England
This dynamic, experiential course is designed to allow students with an HND or Foundation Degree to consolidate and further develop...
Humanities and Social Sciences
Vancouver Island University
Bachelor's degree
Vancouver, Canada
The Humanities and Social Sciences section is the largest faculty at Vancouver Island University . The Bachelor of Arts (BA)...
Bachelor of Science
Ecole Polytechnique
Bachelor's degree
Paris, France
Bachelor students at Ecole Polytechnique follow a intensive multidisciplinary scientific curriculum with a main focus on computer science and mathmatics....
BA (Hons) Politics, Economics and Law
University of Buckingham
Bachelor's degree
Buckingham, England
The BA (Hons) Politics, Economics and Law Bachelors degree is offered by the Department of International Studies and recognises the...
European and International Studies
University of Trento
Master's degree
Trento, Italy
The Master’s programme in European and International Studies is the result of a close interfaculty collaboration between the Faculties of...
MSc Environmental Economics
University of Pretoria
Master's degree
Pretoria, South Africa
The MSc Environmental Economics is a full-time masters program run by the University of Pretoria. The Faculty of Natural and...
BA in Philosophy, Politics & Economics
The American University of Paris
Bachelor's degree
Paris, France
The philosophy, politics, and economics program (PPE) draws inspiration from the long-established and highly successful PPE degree offered at the University...
Fire Safety Engineering FdSc
University of Central Lancashire
Bachelor's degree
Preston, England
The life of a fire safety engineer is diverse and demanding. This foundation programme will prepare you for it, giving...
Fire Safety (Engineering) (Top-up) BSc (Hons)
University of Central Lancashire
Bachelor's degree
Preston, England
If you’re an engineer qualified to Higher National or Foundation Degree level and are seeking to develop expertise in the...
MA in Professional Communication
Royal Roads University
Master's degree
Online / distance learning
The MA in Professional Communication is directed towards working professionals who want to develop their ability to integrate strategic written...
Philosophy, International Studies and Economics
Ca' Foscari University of Venice
Bachelor's degree
Venice, Italy
This three-year Bachelor's program in Philosophy, International Studies, and Economics was developed to train students in the analysis and interpretation...
Solvay Advanced Master in Political Economy
Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management
Master's degree
Brussels, Belgium
This advanced master degree is offered in partnership with Georgetown University and utilizes the strengths of both internationally-renown institutes. Through...
Study Abroad
The University of Queensland
Diploma program
Brisbane, Australia
The University of Queensland's Study Abroad and Student Exchange programs provide students with the exciting opportunity to gain an international...
International and European Law
University of Groningen
Bachelor's degree
Groningen, Netherlands
Does an international treaty take priority over national laws? And if so, is that the case for every state in...
International Summer Program
Austral University
Summer / Short Course
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Austral University's summer courses provide a unique program for international students to learn more about prevalent issues in Argentina and...
Master of Arts (MA) in International Relations
Webster Vienna Private University
Master's degree
Vienna, Austria
The master of arts (MA) in international relations enables students to analyze the complexities and processes involved in world politics...
Summer Program in Exploring the Russian Heritage
Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University
Summer / Short Course
Do you want to explore Russian heritage, history and language? Then join this summer school program! Enjoy your holidays in the...
Master in International Relations - Global Studies
University of Wroclaw
Master's degree
Wroclaw, Poland
The masters in international relations program in global studies addresses recent political and economic changes in Europe. With an increased demand...
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Displaying 2001-2019 of 2019 results

Studies in business and management open the door to many professions – there is a need for business and management in every industry!

Business & Management Careers

Business and management graduates work in banking, communications, insurance, investment, manufacturing, mining, retailing, transportation, and other types of enterprise, as well as in consulting organizations, government agencies, and trade associations. The role of the business specialist varies with the size of the company. Large corporations may have a financial department with several business graduates on staff, while smaller firms may have graduates working with a wider range of duties such as corporate planning, finance or market research. 

Working as a business man or woman requires an interest in figures and analysis. Language skills are highly valued and are a prerequisite for an international career. You should also practice your communication and presentation skills in order to be able to present complex economic information in a comprehensive way. You will find many company executives to be business graduates.

Studying Business & Management

Most universities and colleges offer education in business and management, from undergraduate studies to doctoral degrees. What subjects to take or degree to pursue depends on your prior experience and your career ambitions. Some professions require university degrees while others don't. It is popular to combine studies of business with studies of economics, engineering, languages, law, or logistics.

The core subjects of business and management are business administration and organizational management. Business administration covers areas of accounting, auditing, financing, marketing, organization, and management accounting while organizational management addresses areas such as group dynamics, organizational change and entrepreneurship.


Accounting involves the bookkeeping of day-to-day financial transactions and is used to create accurate financial reports on company revenues and costs as well as assets and liabilities.


A financial audit is the examination of a company's financial statements securing that the financial statements are relevant, accurate, complete and fairly presented. 


Finance involves the administration of company assets. This part of business administration includes company investments, analysis of company finances, and methods for determining company value in mergers or public offerings. 


Marketing includes reaching organizational goals through marketing campaigns. It involves market surveys and analysis, marketing plans, business intelligence etc.

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