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Students who choose to study in Borgarnes will be treated to a collection of awe-inspiring natural landmarks such as moss-covered lava fields, impressive waterfalls and clear rivers full of fresh salmon and trout. Borganes is also quite a busy tourist town, as it is connected to multiple places including the capital Reykjavik, through the second largest bridge in Iceland, Borgarfjarðarbrú. Its gas stations and service centers often act as a pit stop for travelers looking to take a break on the road.

Those who will study abroad in Borgarnes will most likely be attending Bifröst University, one of the three private universities in Iceland. Originally founded in 1918 as a secondary school in Reykjavik, it has now since moved to Norðurárdalur which is a valley located 30 kilometers north of Bogarnes. Bifröst University, which offers programs in the fields of Business, Law and Sciences, has the distinction of being the only Liberal Arts campus school in the country.

Bogarnes itself is a beauty, with little villages nestled on top of small hills or huge rock formations. On a clear day, you can see not only one, but two snow-capped glaciers in the town’s background: Snæfellsjökull and Eiríksjökull.

While it is a quite a small town – its total population is only around 2000 – Borgarnes has enough offerings to keep anyone busy.

Things to do in Borgarnes, Iceland

  • Take a walk down memory lane – The Settlement Center offers you the chance to revisit Iceland’s beginnings through exhibits which recreate the drama surrounding the birth of the country. The Borgarnes Museum also features a popular collection of photos which details how life evolved for Icelandic children throughout 20th century.
  • Nature Trips – This one is a no-brainer. Like the rest of Iceland, Borgarnes has its own set of natural attractions just waiting to be explored such as Hafnarfjall mountain, Hestaland farm, Einkunnir and Skallagrímsgarður public parks and among others.
  • Café and Pool – Man made establishments are a popular go-to places for leisure in Borgarnes as well. Geirabakari café offers both an excellent breakfast and a beautiful view while the Borgarnes Swimming Pool is a famous geothermal pool where locals go to unwind after a long day.

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