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Nearly 20,000 international students come to study in Barcelona every year, falling in love with the city known as the heart of Spanish art, sport and music. Find and compare degrees in Barcelona below.
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Barcelona has a very unique culture in comparison to the rest of Spain and locals speak Catalan instead of Spanish, so we suggest that students traveling to study in Barcelona pick up some basic phrase in Catalan before they arrive. The city's convenient location and RENFRE trains makes it easy for students to make quick getaways to other parts of Spain and much of Europe for an exciting weekend study break. Within the city as well, public transport such as the metro and buses are convenient and cheap, and students can even hire bikes as an easy transport method while they study in Barcelona. 

After a hard day at university, students can enjoy an active and vibrant nightlife while making the most of special student deals and discounts. If bars and clubs are not your thing, Barcelona nightlife also offers many low-key options for a more relaxed, chill evening out.

Major Attractions in Barcelona

Architecture: Admiring the architecture of Barcelona should definitely be on the top of to-do lists of every student traveling to study in Barcelona. The artist Antoni Gaudi is an iconic symbol of Barcelona and a simple walk around the city will show off some of his modernistic work, including his most famous buildings: the Sagrada Familia, Park Guell and La Pedrera. Another artist that left an impression on modern day Barcelona and is a must see is Puig I Cadafelch who designed the Domènech i Muntaner and Casa de les Terrades.

Music: Barcelona has an active live music scene with many concert halls and venues such as Razzmatazz and Apolo. The Gran Teatre del Licew is a must see for its gold leaf decor, plush red carpets and exquisite carvings. Music-loving students studying in Barcelona will also love the several international music festivals including Primavera Sound, the Festival Internacional de jazz de Barcelona, Sonar and Cruilla.

Picasso: The famous artist and painter Picasso spent his early childhood in Barcelona, and students studying in Barcelona can walk down the paths and landmarks where his family lived and worked. The Museu Picassi is the perfect place to view all his works from his formative years.

Food: You cannot mention the best things about Barcelona without mentioning the food! Spaniards are known for their flavorful food and love of eating together. Savory tapas, paella, good wine and delightful churros, the food in Barcelona is a sure way to immerse yourself in the culture and spirit of the city. 

Sports: Barcelona is home to the largest football clubs and passionate football fans alike! Students studying in Barcelona can visit football clubs to celebrate with fans when their favorite teams are playing or indulge in the Barcelona FC tour for a truly unique experience.


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