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Study a Master's in Europe scholarship - 2024 Finalists

We couldn't be more proud to present the 2024 finalists for our Study a Master's in Europe Scholarship at

Jul 5, 2024
study a master's in europe scholarship 2024 finalists

These candidates stood out from hundreds of applicants as outstanding examples of up-and-coming, globally-minded leaders who are going to study master's in several European countries. They are presented in alphabetical order by surname below.

Emma Rens

Emma Rens


Pursuing an MSc in Mental Health in Intergrated Product Design at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands

Emma is a biomedical engineer from the USA who has a passion for environmental sustainability. Her goal is to create the first net zero operating room, one step closer to net zero healthcare.

Emma's background:

Emma, a recent biomedical engineering graduate from Northwestern University, grew up in a drought- and wildfire-prone community of eastern San Diego, sparking her interest in environmental sustainability. Witnessing her first surgery, she was shocked by the waste generated, realizing that the medical field she had always admired was significantly contributing to climate change. Emma is now passionate about leveraging her engineering skills to promote climate-conscious medicine.

How Emma chose her country of study:

For Emma, the Netherlands was the ideal choice to learn how to eco-design medical devices for climate-conscious medicine. While the US leads in healthcare-related CO2 emissions, the Netherlands produces less than half per capita and aims for carbon-neutral health systems by 2050. Emma will pursue a master's at Delft University of Technology, where top researchers are innovating in sustainable healthcare.

How Emma plans to become a globally-minded leader:

Upon her return to the US, Emma plans to use her acquired design, environmental, and business skills from her Master's program to create meaningful sustainable healthcare solutions. Her goal is to become the Chief Innovation Officer for Practice Greenhealth, an organization that delivers environmental solutions to hospitals across the US. She wants to harness their network that reaches 1 in 4 US hospitals to provide technical sustainability solutions. She then hopes to advocate for climate conscious medicine globally, bringing green technical solutions across the world.

Gig Mesah

Gig Mesah


Pursuing an MSc in Sustainable Resource Management at Uppsala University in Sweden

Gig is an environmental journalist from Zambia. After her Master's, she aims to become a Sustainability Analyst in the building sector, focusing on sustainable supply chains from raw materials to recycling.

Gig's background:

Gig grew up in Zambia and South Africa, witnessing a decline in environmental conditions, from severe weather to reduced green spaces. Passionate about sustainable practices, she studied Geography and Environmental Science, exploring the relationship between human systems and environmental processes. As an environmental journalist, she covered issues like Mozambique's floods and Cape Town's wildfires. Her research and understanding of threats to the environment through journalism led her to focus on supply chain systems as a widely overlooked aspect of moving towards sustainability.

How Gig chose her country of study:

Sweden, a global leader in sustainability, is ideal for Gig to study carbon emission reduction in supply chains. At Uppsala University, Gig will deepen her knowledge of natural resource extraction, toxic materials, production processes, waste prevention, and supply chain efficiency. The multicultural environment at Uppsala University and in Sweden fosters cross-cultural collaboration and idea exchange on supply chain-related environmental issues. Uppsala's reputation for promoting inventions through international collaboration enhances the potential for partnering with like-minded individuals worldwide to drive environmental progress.

How Gig plans to become a globally-minded leader:

Gig aims to leverage her Master’s in Sustainable Development from Uppsala University to become a Sustainability Analyst. She plans to analyze firms' greenhouse gas emissions, conduct sustainability audits, examine reports, and provide recommendations. Combining her education and experience in Sweden's sustainability-focused environment, she aspires to establish an agency that enhances sustainability in supply chains for the building sector. Her agency will promote carbon-negative materials and integrate environmental considerations throughout the supply chain while investing in green research. Ultimately, sheseeks to advance the green building sector in Zambia and other African countries, integrating social, economic, and environmental growth.

Carolina Mora

Carolina Mora


Pursuing an MSc in Inclusive Education at the University of Edinburgh in the United Kingdom

Carolina is an English teacher with an extensive working experience. She is confident that a master'sdegree in Inclusive Education will enable her to make a significant impact at the university where she works and will allow herto make a difference to the lives of children and young people.

Carolina's background:

Carolina has over 20 years of teaching experience with 16 of those at the University of Talca, where she teaches English to undergraduate students. Throughout her career, she has worked with a diverse range of students facing various challenges, including those who are partially blind or deaf, have mobility issues, depression, anxiety, ADHD, or stuttering.

How Carolina chose her country of study:

Carolina chose to study in Scotland due to its advanced programs in special education and inclusion, which align with her goals for enhancing teaching practices in Chile. She selected the University of Edinburgh for its comprehensive Inclusive Education Master’s program, which she believes will equip her with the necessary tools to promote inclusive teaching practices. Edinburgh's smaller size compared to Glasgow also appeals to her, as it reminds her of her hometown and allows for a more familiar environment. Studying in the UK will allow her to improve her English as all languages evolve and this one is no exception.

How Carolina plans to become a globally-minded leader:

As an English teacher, Carolina seesher role more than just teaching. She strives to create supportive environments where students can achieve their goals and develop their identities. In her future leadership in Chile, she aims to influence educators and promote genuine inclusion in teachers' practices. Carolina wantsto get theright tools to meet individual needs and enhance students' desire to learn a foreign language. She is committed to causes she believes in, and inclusion is an area where Chile can improve. She hopes that transparency will attract more people to join her in making inclusive education a reality for children with disabilities.

Feline Kingbeil

Feline Klingbeil


Pursuing an MSc in Midwifery at the Bern University of Applied Sceinces in Switzerland

Felina is a midwife from Germany. She wants to acquireadditional skills and in-depth knowledge through a master’s degree, thereby empowering midwives to advocate effectively for their interests.

Felina's background:

Felina was one of the first midwives in Germany to receive a fully academic training after completing her undergraduate studies in 2022. While working at a maternity unit in a hospital and in her self-employed work caring for families during pregnancy and postpartum with home visits, she realized systemic failures in healthcare that make the work of midwives more difficult and negatively impact the outcomes for mothers, children, and their families. This motivated Felina to pursue a master's degree to learn how to detect these issues, bring them to light, and advocate for change.

How Felina chose her country of study:

As Germany recently changed its laws for becoming a midwife and restructured the pathway from vocational training to a bachelor's degree in 2021, there are currently no common master's degrees in Midwifery available there. Therefore, Felina searched for European alternatives and chose Switzerland due to its internationality, high quality of education, remarkable healthcare system, and the wellbeing of people working in and receiving care from it.

How Felina plans to become a globally-minded leader:

Felina's goal is to become a practicing researcher to emphasize the importance of fighting for higher quality of care during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period. The impact of midwives during this critical time is scientifically proven. Additionally, she would like to teach new generations of midwives and connect with other midwives and midwifery researchers worldwide.

Remi Waxman

Remi Waxman


Pursuing an MSc in Global Media and Communications at the London School of Economics (LSE) in the United Kingdom

Remi is a marketer from Canada who wants to question the boundaries and ethics of social media and how they might be improved to provide a more empowering outcome for vulnerable populations, such as pre-teens and teens.

Remi’s background:

Remi is a born and raised Canadian, who completed her undergraduate in international relations and business at Queen’s University. At LSE Remi plans to research the current landscape of media regulations and the impact they pose on pre-teens and teens. Prompted by a personal journey with her younger sister, Remi is aiming to question the boundaries and ethics of social media and how they might be improved to provide a more empowering outcome to the vulnerable and susceptible population.

How Remi chose his country of study:

Studying in London at LSE’s Masters in Global Media and Communications was the obvious next step for Remi in her pursuit to positively transform today’s inherently complex social media environment. The opportunity to study in London affords Remi the benefit of engaging with research-driven academia that fosters global perspectives and cultural diversity, while simultaneously casting her network wider, in the globally inherent sphere London is. The Global Media and Communications program is a world-leading institute in media studies, particularly in the discipline of studying the intersection of media and psychology, where Remi is enthralled to unpack the complex nature of the rapidly changing landscape of social media and its impact.

How Remi plans to become a globally-minded leader:

The curriculum at LSE will help Remi further understand the connection between youth psychology and the impact disseminating information has on youth’s societal perceptions and individual identity formation, while also providing classes to understand the layered lenses of intersection. This will help Remi understand what representation in the media means to different subgroups of society. Remi strives to take this opportunity of academia, mentorship and exposure, and work in the online policy sector, lobbying to outline better media parameters of risk and harm for vulnerable populations.

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