Winner of the Study A Master’s in Europe Scholarship 2022 by

Winner of the Study a Master's in Europe Scholarship 2022 by

Meet Elnara Aghakishiyeva, the winner of the Study a Master’s in Europe Scholarship 2022!

Elnara Aghakishiyeva is the winner of the Study a Master’s in Europe Scholarship 2022 by

Elnara has been awarded €5,000 towards her tuition for a degree in Master’s in Experimental and Translational Immunology at the University College London in the UK.

Elnara’s Background

Elnara grew up in a refugee camp as an Internally Displaced Person as a result of the Nagorno Karabakh war between Azerbaijan and Armenia. Her experiences witnessing the high morbidity and mortality rates of infectious diseases among refugees and the spread of vaccine-preventable diseases in particular inspired her to study Medicine at Azerbaijan Medical University from which she graduated with distinction.

Elnara currently works remotely with researchers from St. George’s University of London as a project assistant on a clinical study which aims to reduce mortality rates from HIV-associated meningitis in low and middle-income countries in Africa.

How Elnara chose her country of study

The United Kingdom is an ideal country to study Immunology, as it ranks first among European countries for its research output and number of distinguished scientists in the field. The United Kingdom is also the leading country in Europe for HIV and AIDS research, which is Elnara’s main academic interest.

How Elnara plans to become a globally-minded leader

As evident from the current pandemic, emerging infectious diseases are a major global health challenge, especially for low and middle-income countries. A world-class education at UCL will be a valuable experience where Elnara will learn from internationally renowned academics. Elnara strives to use her knowledge and skills to create effective infection control programs in her home country.

Watch an interview with her below

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Last update: 20 Jul 2022


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