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Winner of the Bachelor's in the USA Scholarship 2022 by

Siobhan has been awarded $5,000 towards her tuition for a Bachelor's degree in Nursing at Mississippi College in the USA.

Oct 11, 2022
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Meet Siobhan Lacey, the winner of the Study a Bachelor's in the USA Scholarship 2022!

Siobhan has been awarded $5,000 towards her tuition for a Bachelor's degree in Nursing at Mississippi College in the USA.

Siobhan, from Canada, has ambitions to provide service to those who may not feel fully comfortable in their current health care system, or those who feel that due to finances that quality health care is not accessible to them. She will study pre-nursing to pursue her goal  at Mississippi College, a school that emphasizes service and quality of health.

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Siobhan's background

Though Siobhan has always been interested in studying health care, she became increasingly interested in studying nursing abroad during the global coronavirus pandemic. She was extremely attentive to how the public health crisis unevenly affected different demographics, especially for low-income households in countries with private healthcare systems. Her previous interests combined with the problems with healthcare systems exacerbated by the pandemic led to her deciding to study abroad. 

How Siobhan chose her country of study

The United States is first and foremost attractive to Siobhan due to the diversity of its people and communities, an asset that she hasn’t been able to experience in her home country. She hopes that learning in a multicultural environment will create a more holistic understanding of nursing. Her study abroad institution will also allow Siobhan to learn from high-quality educators in her field, which would widen her career opportunities and shape her future life path for the better. 

How Siobhan plans to become a globally-minded leader

Siobhan sees her role in the nursing profession as a possibility to promote equitable access to quality health care regardless of limitations such as economic inequality. She aims to eventually work with health policy in order to institutionalize her passion for equitable provision of health care.

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