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Go Global MBA scholarship - 2022 Finalists

We couldn't be more proud to present the 2022 finalists for our Go Global MBA Scholarship at These candidates stood out from hundreds of applicants as outstanding examples of up-and-coming, globally-minded leaders who are pursuing MBA programs worldwide.

May 13, 2022
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2022 Go Global MBA Scholarship Finalists

We couldn't be more proud to present the 2022 finalists for our Go Global MBA Scholarship at

These candidates stood out from hundreds of applicants as outstanding examples of up-and-coming, globally-minded leaders who are pursuing MBA programs worldwide. They are listed below in the order that they confirmed their program enrollment.

Enrique Alvarez Maldonado


Pursuing an MBA in General Management at Harvard Business School in the USA

Enrique plans to create a company that provides affordable, secure, and frictionless financial services for individuals in Mexico, a country where 63% of the population is unbanked. 

Enrique’s Background

Three dimensions make Enrique who he is: learning, business, and community service. He cares deeply about driving convenience in retail and improving access to financial services, and he has pursued a path that has allowed him to contribute to both.

How Enrique chose his country of study

Enrique defines the US as a country where the ‘Day One’ spirit is embedded at its core. Boston, Massachusetts, provides a wonderful ecosystem for top-quality education with its prestigious colleges, innovation, leadership, and entrepreneurship that will allow him to develop and launch his own venture in the future.

How Enrique plans to become a globally-minded leader

Post-MBA, Enrique wants to launch a company that leverages novel technologies to develop innovative payment systems and banking products to accelerate development in emerging countries.

Javier Rodriguez Garza


Pursuing an MBA at Chicago Booth in the USA

Javier’s mission is to tackle the lack of financial inclusion in Mexico by building a funding platform. He wants to encourage small and medium-sized businesses and help them grow through providing a means for financial support.

Javier’s Background

Born and raised in northern Mexico, Javier grew up close to Mexican entrepreneurs in his personal life and has worked with local companies as a private debt professional, leading him to an understanding of some of the most challenging setbacks for Mexican companies to secure appropriate growth funding. One of his most meaningful experiences has been his involvement in the deployment of a Mexican private debt fund, where he has had the opportunity to lead several of the fund’s transactions.

In his spare time, Javier enjoys outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and scouting. He is also a financial volunteer at a social impact start-up, providing financial advisory for the company’s reporting and fund-raising efforts. 

How Javier chose his country of study

Javier believes he’ll be able to achieve his career goals through Chicago Booth’s MBA, a program well known for a flexible curriculum that will allow him to explore a wide range of tools necessary for such a specialized target. Moreover, the program enables unique access to financial entrepreneurs that would allow him to gain a perspective and a framework on building a successful strategy. Finally, he aims to join one of the many debt funds based in Chicago with a track record in offering creative financial solutions. 

How Javier plans to become a globally-minded leader

As private debt funds are relatively new in Mexico, Javier plans to immerse himself in the world’s most developed private credit market and increase his scope of knowledge to encompass new innovative ways to offer alternative financial solutions in emerging markets.  

He looks forward to the opportunity to learn from the deepest thinkers and doers in this entrepreneurial and financial space and plans to reach out to mentors, colleagues, and teachers to expand his leadership potential in a diverse environment.

Samiha Zaker


Pursuing an MBA at UVA Darden School of Business in the USA

Being an ardent believer in the good side of money and its potential to make impactful social changes, Samiha wants to work with a fintech platform to make financial services more accessible to the less privileged in Bangladesh.

Samiha’s Background

Hailing from Bangladesh, Samiha has been working as a Financial Analyst at a Multinational bank for the last 5 years, facilitating the growth of agro-processing conglomerates. However, Samiha noticed that the background drivers of these businesses, the farmers who account for 50% of the population, remain outside the bank’s reach due to a ‘lack of financial feasibility. This is where she wants to use fintech’s potential to disrupt the financial service industry by catering to the unbanked population. The fintech scene is still nascent in Bangladesh, and Samiha aims to bring more efficiency and financial inclusion in the processes, delivery, and outreach of the financial services sector.

How Samiha chose her country of study

Samiha was drawn to the US for an MBA because of its world-class education system and numerous career opportunities with unrivaled networks as well as a burgeoning startup scene. Darden Business school at the University of Virginia (UVA) in Virginia is well known for its collaborative culture of caring, where relationships matter and classmates cheer on each other’s successes. Leadership at Darden is committed to strengthening the community through empowering students’ diverse and global experiences. Also, UVA is located just east of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Charlottesville, an area that offers stunning beauty, rich culture, and an endless list of things to do for an international student.

How Samiha plans to become a globally-minded leader

By studying in the US, Samiha can acquire relevant experience and understanding of technology in the financial world and build a diverse international network. By leveraging her background as a Financial Analyst and using her MBA network to pivot to fintech, Samiha can work towards providing a fintech solution for reaching the unbanked that can be cost-effectively customized and scaled to emerging markets. She can hone her management skills and collaborate with cross-cultural teams to become a globally-minded leader by working with peers and industry leaders.

Trisha Bhagawati


Pursuing an MBA at the University of Texas Austin in the USA

Trisha has organized programs for women in STEM pre-MBA and wants to establish a“Women in Tech” series during and after her MBA to inspire future female leaders for management roles. She is passionate about building meaningful relationships with people and thrives by helping others grow. Her state of flow lies at the intersection of technology, people, and sustainability.

Trisha’s Background

Belonging to vibrant northeast India, Trisha is a keen musician, a nature-lover, and an avid reader. Through her work on cloud innovation, she has helped multiple startups and Fortune-500 companies scale their businesses to greater heights. She cares deeply about building a gender-equal society and has led multiple forums to elevate and encourage women's contribution to science and technology.

How Trisha chose her country of study

The US is a haven for the brightest minds of the world who are fighting one of the most urgent threats to humanity - climate change. From affordable renewable energy alternatives to de-carbonization strategies, the US stands at the frontier of the CleanTech revolution and technological innovation. Trisha is particularly excited about collaborating with the Global Sustainability Leadership Institute at Austin in the energy hub of the Americas, Texas. She aims to make an impact as an innovative leader toward a carbon-negative society.

How Trisha plans to become a globally-minded leader

After completing her MBA, Trisha aims to lead a movement that empowers people and businesses to become climate-conscious. She plans to build a portfolio of intelligent products that discloses users’ carbon emissions based on their utility data and offers novel solutions to decrease their carbon footprint. She strives to build an inclusive community committed to this vision and will contribute to a sustainable future powered by technology.

Vicente Sousa Machado 


Pursuing an MBA in General Management at INSEAD in France

Vicente is passionate about nurturing potential and helping others flourish in their own career. Part of this begins with helping others succeed in their first steps in education. Vicente hopes to create a network of schools and implement a breakfast program for younger students at schools where many people live below the poverty line. 

Vicente’s Background

Vicente has always enjoyed helping others grow. He began tutoring younger students in mathematics at the age of 15 and continued to do so for the next decade. This passion came to fruition on a wider scale when he launched a non-profit that aimed to help high school students learn about undergraduate programs.

Vicente lives by the saying: “If someone else can do it, then so can you; if not, you can be the first”. He faces challenges head-on and searches for ways to challenge the status quo. Holding a bachelor's degree in mathematics and a master’s degree in economics, he now works in the financial sector in the area of data strategy and transformation where he integrates his skills in tech, banking, and leadership. 

How Vicente chose his country of study

Vicente chose France because it is home to some of the world’s most prestigious and coveted business schools. The MBA program at Institut Européen d'Administration des Affaires (INSEAD) is currently ranked 3rd in the world by the Financial Times and is regarded as the most international MBA program in the world. Vicente wants to embrace this multi-cultural community and join the melting pot of numerous different perspectives, thereby molding his leadership style into one suitable for global challenges.

How Vicente plans to become a globally-minded leader

As stated above, Vicente hopes to emerge from this MBA experience as a catalyst for growth for those around him. He sees the leadership quality of creating a culture of ‘failing fast in order to learn faster’ as the best way to uplift others.

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