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Study a Bachelor’s in the USA Scholarship - 2021 Finalists

Sep 14, 2021
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2021 Study a Bachelor’s in the USA Scholarship Finalists

We couldn't be more proud to present the 2021 finalists for our Study a Bachelor’s in the USA Scholarship at

These candidates stood out from thousands of applicants as outstanding examples of up-and-coming, globally-minded leaders who are pursuing Master's programs in Europe. They are listed below in the order that they confirmed their program enrollment.

Joel Adam Thuo


Pursuing a Bachelor's in Biochemistry at Michigan State University

A travel enthusiast from Kenya who dreams of becoming a pioneer in cancer research and therapy in his home country. The oldest of his siblings, Joel Adam hopes to open opportunities and doors for his younger siblings and show them that with hard work anything is possible. In addition to experiencing a new culture,

Joel chose the U.S. for its high level of scholarship in biochemistry and hopes to shape policy in Kenya in the future to lift up the STEM field.

Seohyun Song

South Korea

Pursuing a dual Bachelor's in Global Public Health & Nursing at NYU

Hailing from South Korea, Seohyun was attracted to the U.S.'s respect for the field of nursing and lack of limitations in progressing one's career in the field.

She dreams of obtaining a PhD in Nursing, gaining work in Pediatric hospitals and opening her own clinic in New York City as a nurse practitioner. Seohyun was drawn to NYU due to its location in a cultural capital, its commitment to diversity of students and its renowned faculty of healthcare.

Raven Ferguson

Trinidad and Tobago

Accepted to a Bachelor's in Neuroscience and Behavior at Columbia University

Growing up in a family that sacrificed in order to obtain higher education in the U.S., Raven was drawn to the values that her family-members honed during their time studying in the U.S.: problem-solving, professionalism, community building, and a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

Completing the first stage of her education at a U.S. community college, Raven graduated with honors and awards. Now studying Neuroscience and Behavior at Columbia, Raven plans to attend medical school and become a healthcare professional.

Magdalena Martínez

El Salvador

Pursuing a Bachelor's in Acting at California Institute of the Arts (CalArts)

Magdalena was drawn to the U.S. to pursue her dream of acting in California at the California Institute of Arts. Through her craft, she is interested in telling stories from people, communities and countries whose voices need to be heard. After leading a project to empower young women in an orphanage to grow and express themselves through the creative process, Magdalena hopes to empower Salvadoran artists and inspire more students from her country to pursue their studies in the U.S.

Dilnaz Satubaldiyeva


Accepted to a Bachelor's in Business at Arizona State University

Completing two high school diplomas simultaneously, Dilnaz earned a gold medal from her local highschool and graduated with a 3.93/4.0 at her online Swiss-American school while balancing extra-curricular competitions and activities.

With a dream of being a leader in green business, she was drawn to the U.S. for its diversity, innovation, and practical approach to education. 

Are you inspired by these amazing finalists?

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