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Study Public Health Abroad

The amazing thing about studying public health is that your skills can be transferred to any location around the world. There are plenty of communities in many countries that are in need of public health professionals.

Therefore, depending on your own interests and passions, you can choose to study for a public health degree almost anywhere around the globe. Not only does it open your eyes to issues affecting people in other countries, it gives you the necessary life skills to handle such problems and improve the lives of vulnerable communities.

Through your dedication and work, you will also cultivate a rich network of contacts. Through these contacts you will be able to stay in touch with the imperative issues affecting them, thus opening the door for future career opportunities.

Studying abroad is also a time to have fun and get to know yourself a little better, so take the time to enjoy your new surroundings—whether it’s the Netherlands, Australia, or the United Kingdom—and make the most of your studies while pursuing a public health degree.

Best Public Health Degrees

When applying, don’t just limit yourself to schools in your own country. If you’re ready for the challenge, why not make the most of your degree and study public health at one of the best public health schools in the world!

Not only will a great school look good on public health majors' resumes, the study abroad experience will make it shine even brighter.

However, also expect that the competition to get in to such a school will be high, as students from around the world want the chance to learn from the best. Public health degree programs at the best schools challenge public health majors to think critically about the problems affecting different areas of the world every day.

Public health student abroad.

Careers in Public Health

It’s never too soon to think about what comes after graduation. After completing a public health degree, you will not be disappointed in your options.

Consider some of the following career options for public health majors:

  • Epidemiologist
  • Community health worker
  • Health educator
  • Health policy manager
  • Health program administrator
  • Research assistant
  • Public health strategist

Prerequisites for a Public Health Degree

The best public health schools will often require that prospective students demonstrate that they have previously performed well in their classes, especially classes within the sciences. Both undergraduate and graduate students will have to provide a copy of their academic transcripts, along with any standardized test results.

International students will also have to prove their English proficiency, as many public health degrees are conducted entirely in English. If the program requires another language, you may also have to prove you have proficiency in a second language. An essay will also most likely be required to complete your application.