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    What is international studies?

    International studies is more than an education in political science. As an international studies major, you will engage in the scientific discipline that studies relations between politics, economics, and law in an international setting. International studies is diplomacy, foreign affairs, and global issues among states - and is of the utmost importance in today's globalized world.

    If you choose to be an international studies major, you will be surrounding your academic influences with foundations of history and concepts that have expanded throughout centuries and will continue to evolve and influence many for years to come. International studies majors can become the world's greatest influencers and future leaders.

    What can you do with an international studies degree?

    Many international studies degree courses will educate you in a diverse amount of information that is crucial in understanding the cultures, political structures, and communicative aspects of our global society.

    Global relations and international studies jobs include job roles in intergovernmental organizations (IGOs), non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and multinational corporations (MNCs). There are also career opportunities in governmental sectors around the world, with their efforts having the most influence on societies abroad.

    International studies jobs may include but are not limited to the following:

    • Diplomat
    • Foreign Affairs Analyst
    • Language Specialist

    Political Analyst

    Studying international studies abroad

    Many courses and programs abroad will have certain prerequisites along with application requirements. Bachelor’s degrees in international studies may have a limited number of prerequisites, but a grade 12/ high school equivalent proficiency in reading, research, and writing may be required.

    Master’s degrees in international studies will have more extensive prerequisites due to their more in depth analysis of specializations and segmentations of the field. Many master’s programs abroad will require a bachelor’s degree in a specified field of study. Both bachelor’s and master’s degrees may have a language proficiency requirement dependent upon the language of instruction. Be sure to check with your desired university/ institute of education prior to applying to a program or course.

    What will you learn studying international studies abroad?

    International studies holds a diverse amount of history of foreign affairs, political and economic influence, as well as societal beliefs that play a large role in cultures across the globe. International studies is a multidisciplinary field that includes theology, psychology, economy, sociology, and more. Students are thus able to develop an expansive view of global workings and decision making in efforts to bring about cohesion and/or change.

    A course or program in international studies abroad heightens one’s ability to understand the workings of a new country, the cultural needs as well as the hopes for the future political and economic outcomes that are to be worked towards.

    International studies majors are also introduced to the core fundamentals of international organizations, international affairs such as journalism, law and business.

    Potential topics of international studies courses you may take can include but are not limited to:

    • Global Diplomacy
    • International Business
    • Political Economy
    • Global Trade
    • International Current Events

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