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    What will I learn studying interior design abroad?

    Studying interior design abroad will teach students how to create an attractive interior space through design concepts that follow socio-cultural and programmatic requirements of the client. An interior designer applies a style or theme, creating consistency in a space, whether through coordinating colors, textures or complimentary furniture pieces. Those interested in interior design degrees abroad should be creative problem solvers with good communication skills.

    In general, an interior design degree abroad will teach students how to:

    • determine a client’s wishes
    • formulate a plan and estimate costs
    • presents plans to the client and make revisions based on feedback
    • coordinate with construction companies or architects
    • oversee the process to completion

    Green design is becoming increasingly important in today’s interior decorating, and as such, interior design programs abroad may educate students in selecting chemical-free furniture and carpets, and energy-efficient constructing using renewable resources.

    Why study interior design abroad?

    Studying interior design abroad is critical to gaining the in-depth knowledge necessary to complete projects. Interior design degrees abroad will likely include the study of reading blueprints, understanding building codes and regulations, and supervising what can be a long and complicated timeline of steps toward a final goal.

    Interior Design degrees also often contain a curriculum of:

    • drawing
    • perspective
    • color
    • fabrics
    • furniture design
    • architecture
    • computer-aided design
    • ethics
    • psychology

    The study of engineering is usually an advantage for completion of an interior design education. Designers can focus their study abroad education on various areas within interior design. The most common specialties in the field are lighting, closets, and kitchen and bath. Other popular concentrations – some more to do with residential than commercial design – are indoor gardens, home theatres, security and acoustics.

    In addition to the popularity of green design, two other interior design specialties which are rapidly growing are ergonomic design and elder design. Ergonomic design is the design of work spaces and furniture that reduce strain on the body and emphasize good posture. As people live longer, elder design is becoming more important in designing interior spaces which aid in the movement of the elderly and disabled.

    A beautifully designed living room with lots of indoor plants

    Careers in interior design

    Many people are attracted to studying interior design so the competition for this profession is generally quite high. Employers must usually have at least an Associate or Bachelor’s degree to be hired into an entry-level position. Interior design degree students often do an internship, or work under the supervision of an experienced designer upon graduation to gain experience that complements their study abroad education.

    Many interior designers are self-employed, which often requires more time than those who work for firms. Whether employed by larger architecture firms or self-employed, interior designers will benefit from good business sense and the self-discipline to meet deadlines and production schedules.

    Some average stats about interior design jobs in the U.S. according to and the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

    Typical entry-level education

    Bachelor's degree

    Number of jobs


    Job outlook, 2016 - 2026

    4% growth (slower than average)

    Average salary (based on years of experience):

    0 - 2 years

    USD $ 44,531

    2 - 4 years

    USD $52,111

    4 - 7 years

    USD $58,273

    7 - 9 years

    USD $66,737

    10+ years

    USD $66,737

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