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3 Degrees in Law Studies Data and Privacy Law European Data Protection Law 2024



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Degrees in Law Studies Data and Privacy Law European Data Protection Law

What is European Data Protection Law?
European Data Protection Law is a set of guidelines for how data should be stored and used within the European Economic Area. It has historically been designed to protect individuals' rights to privacy, however recent changes have extended its protections to include protection for businesses.

The aim of European Data Protection Law is to ensure that individuals are aware when their data is being used, that it isn't misused or hacked into by third parties, that their data is stored safely and securely, and that any human errors or accidents are dealt with swiftly.

The law requires companies to implement procedures for collecting, storing and using personal information correctly. This includes security measures to prevent unauthorized access to the data, making it available to those who need to use it in their jobs, and keeping accurate records about how data is used.

Why is studying European Data Protection Law important?
Studying European Data Protection Law is important because it helps individuals, companies and regulators understand their rights, responsibilities and liabilities in the field of data protection. Knowledge is the best defense against making mistakes when collecting or using personal information.

Why law students should study European Data Protection Law?
Law students should study European Data Protection Law because it is an important component of the law. It provides a framework for how businesses should be run, what procedures they need to have in place to protect their employees' and customers' personal information, and guides individuals on what rights they have over how companies use their data.

Legal knowledge about European Data Protection Law can also help individuals identify when they need to take action over an issue. For example, if someone suspects their data is being misused or has been hacked into by a third party they can make enquiries with the business responsible for storing their information, and/or the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO).

Types of European Data Protection Law degrees
There are various European Data Protection Law degrees, these can be offered as an undergraduate or postgraduate qualification, or via distance learning. Bachelor's degrees tend to offer a foundation level knowledge of the subject before students move on to study for Masters qualifications which allow them to go more in depth with their studies.

What will I study during my European Data Protection Law degree?
During your European Data Protection Law degree you will study various elements of the law including: how to handle data ethically; why the law was developed; what it requires; what level of protection it provides; and its limitations. You will be given guidance on how to comply with the law in real-life scenarios, as well as given practical training in how to use European Data Protection Law when handling data.