21 Sep 2021

Why Study in Malta? Get Your Business Degree!

Are you looking for a dynamic, international study abroad experience? Why not study in Malta? A draw for business, tourism and academia, Malta is home to many international conferences from Artificial Intelligence to Digital Technologies. Students have an array of business opportunities to network and partner with some of the world’s most influential companies and organizations. If you’re looking for universities in Malta, GBSB Global Business School’s Malta campus not only has a state-of-the art campus and accredited programs to tout, it also has an idyllic location situated on a Mediterranean island going for it.

Studying abroad at GBSB Global’s Malta campus offers students many benefits, from learning from their peers and esteemed international professors to experiencing island life that is steeped in natural wonder and history. The tiny country has so much to offer. Whether you’re seeking an exhilarating adventure or finding somewhere charming to bury your nose in a book, these are the top 10 reasons to study abroad on the island of Malta.

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1. Home Away From Home

As a member of the Schengen and a part of the European Union, Malta has open borders. Students can easily elect to move here and supply the supporting documentation to receive their temporary resident permits. If you reside outside these regions and have questions about visa requirements, contact or visit your closest Maltese embassy or consulate. They can provide guidance on the processes to obtain your student visa.

2. Island Life

Surrounded by the sea and boasting a moderate climate all year long, Malta hosts numerous lively outdoor festivals, regular open-air plays and concerts. The beautiful Mediterranean and thriving cities offer the quintessential setting for those seeking a work/life balance. 

Enjoy the bustling nightlife known in Paceville and St. Julian’s where dancing and entertainment abound. Or meander the local neighborhoods discovering the tastes and smells of family-owned eateries that sell traditional delicacies such as pastizzi and ftira bread. Students who study in Malta never lack things to do. From renting a stand-up paddle board to lying on the beach, Malta has it all.  

3. Networking with Major Players

Meet some of the world’s most influential companies and organizations in the gaming, blockchain and digital banking industries. The digital startup scene is a vibrant asset and draws well-known names in the tech world. With continued investment, the Maltese economy is one of the fastest growing in Europe and was recognized as the 1st EU state to regulate the online gaming and blockchain industries. It’s no surprise that universities in Malta are seeing increasing interest.


4. No Need to Speak the Language

Maltese and English are both recognized as the national languages. While many locals will speak Maltese, don’t find this a deterrent, they easily and willingly switch to English if that is the preferred language of the conversation.

5. Sunshine and Tan Lines

Boasting 300 days of sunshine per year, it is rare that the rain will spoil the day. Spend your free time basking on the white sandy beaches, picnicking with friends or relaxing with a good book! Go further afar to Gozo where you will find the most beautiful beach, Ramla l-Ħamra, a large expanse of unusual red sand on the coast nestled next to the countryside.

6. Affordable Living Costs

For a remote island, the cost of living is one of the lowest in all of Europe. From rent and food to tuition and general daily expenses, Malta is one place where living off the mainland is affordable. Compared to other places you might consider studying abroad like the UK or the Americas, for example, Malta won’t break the bank and offers so much more charm, history and weather to tilt the scale. By choosing to study  in Malta, you are not only aligning with an innovative, well-founded business school, but you’ll have made a smart financial investment in your future.


7. A Tourist and A Student

Get curious and wander through the ancient ruins, sip wine at any one of the country’s renown  wineries, or get out of the sun and tour the National War Museum at Fort St. Elmo. Centuries of history and civilizations before us have left their mark on Malta’s soil and beckon to be explored. Visit the fortress at Valletta or the old city of Madina and its St. John’s Cathedral for an intellectually stimulating day out indulging in the dynamic arts and culture scene. With numerous World Heritage Sites spotted across the island and some of the world’s most antiquated buildings and temples, this country is a draw for history buffs as well as sun-seekers alike.

8. Safe & Welcoming

Don’t feel like a stranger, because all are welcome here. The locals are easy-going, open-minded and sincerely happy to help newcomers get settled in. One of the safest places in the world for international students, families can rest assured while you study in Malta.

9. Diversity is A Major Draw

Just like GBSB Global’s other campuses, we thrive and are known for our diversity, and there is no other place that exemplifies this culture like Malta. Home to thousands of students from across the globe, Malta is one of the most attractive places for international students to study abroad. While you’ll always find a tribe to connect with, you may just find that some of your own peers hail from your homeland. This sense of belonging and community detours homesickness and eases the transition abroad.


10. Captivating Sea Breezes

Embrace nature. Malta has so much to offer, from bustling cities to a splendid coastline. Students can really pursue their passions and relax after a long day of studies. For those fitness enthusiasts, swimming, snorkeling or sailing might be your draw, but if not, don’t hesitate to call up your friends and kick up your feet on any one of Malta’s picturesque beaches. Getting a breath of fresh air can really boost your overall well being and focus.

No matter the destination, there will always be a period of adjustment and challenges to overcome. However, the benefits of studying abroad on the island of Malta definitely outweigh any challenge that lay ahead.

About the Author

GBSB Global is excited to welcome students to its third campus in Malta. An attractive island nation that boasts a flourishing economy, rich history, and warm hospitality. Students who study in Malta will not only advance their professional prospects earning an esteemed degree from a leading business school, but they may find it to be an experience they will never forget.


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