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Why Study Abroad in Armenia?

Thinking of studying abroad or not sure where you want to go? You should consider Armenia. With innovative schools, affordable tuition fees, and a low cost of living, an education in Armenia makes for a great study abroad choice. 

This article tells you a bit about what it’s like to study at some schools in Armenia, as well as essential information for international students.

Find out more about:

  1. Why Study Abroad in Armenia?
  2. What Entrance Exams Do I Need to Take to Study Abroad in Armenia?
  3. What Kind of Subjects Can I Study in Armenia?
  4. Is Studying Abroad in Armenia Affordable?
  5. The Main Points

 1. Why Study Abroad in Armenia?

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Large Range of Subjects

Armenia welcomes international students to study different subjects, like Computer and Data Science, Communication, Journalism, and Medicine. Many programs are offered in English, as well as in Armenian and even Russian.

High-Quality Education

In Armenia, schools are very innovative and welcoming for international students. You can apply to study at the American University of Armenia, as well as other international schools, like the French University of Armenia and the European University of Armenia. These universities are some of the most famous and high-ranking institutions in the country. At these universities, you can learn the most creative skills and cutting-edge knowledge.

Affordable Fees and Scholarship Opportunities

All of these subjects have affordable tuition fees. There’s also the possibility of full scholarship opportunities. Most schools in Armenia give international students the chance to apply for scholarships. The American University of Armenia, for example, has lots of scholarships available for international students. 

Opportunity to Work Part-Time

If you speak English fluently, then finding a job in Armenia will be easy-peasy. Your student visa allows you to work during your studies, so working 4-hours a day can help you earn enough money to cover your expenses. You can even find gig economy jobs and enjoy both your work and studies. 

Affordable Housing and Transportation

In Armenia, both accommodation and transportation are super affordable. For instance, the metro in Yerevan is only 100 AMD ($0.20) per journey. The average rent for an apartment in Yerevan is 83,000 AMD ($170) per month. This means that you’ll only need about $390-$450 per month to live and study in Armenia.

Fantastic Cultural Experiences

Armenia is home to one of the world’s oldest cultures. During your education in Armenia, you can immerse yourself in its ancient buildings, food scene, and language. In Yerevan, and elsewhere, you can live history and experience the exciting fusion of East and West that Armenia offers international students. 

Wondering how you can get started with studying abroad?

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2. What Entry Exams Do I Need to Take to Study Abroad in Armenia?

In Armenia, there are various options for universities and majors. This also means that there are several types of entrance exams. Different schools have different entrance exams. Here are the international exams you need to know about:


The SAT measures your math skills and proves that you can study quantitative subjects. In order to receive an education in Armenia, you’ll generally need a minimum score of between 630 and 680 SAT points for admission. But if you want to apply for Computer or Data Science, you’ll need to have a higher score to be competitive and have a strong application.


For admission to the American University of Armenia, you need to have a TOEFL iBT score of at least 79. If you want to improve your English ahead of an exam, you can join in on group online games, which are a fun way of boosting your skills. The TOEFL iBT score minimum is achievable in Armenia. But, if you want to have a better chance of admission, then you should try scoring above 90. If you’re a native English speaker, you don’t need to worry about any language exams.


Another option for demonstrating your English skills is the IELTS exam. It’s up to you whether you take IELTS or TOEFL iBT - but you’ll need to score at least 6.5 on IELTS for your application to be considered. The higher your score, the higher your chance of admission.

3. What Kind of Subjects Can I Study in Armenia?

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In Armenia, there is a range of subjects that are in demand across the world. Here are just some of them.

Coding and Programming

The IT sector is booming in Armenia. This makes it a great place to learn coding and programming; after all, it’s the home of globally-known apps like TeamViewer and Picsart. 

Several schools offer a different range of majors in coding and programming-related subjects. Getting a part-time job in the IT sector during your time in Armenia can also help boost your knowledge and experience in this growing area. Another study option is digital marketing. With new skills in areas like eCommerce PPC, along with an abundance of freelance job opportunities, your CV will never look better after your education in Armenia.

Communications and Social Sciences

In Armenia, you can get a good education in social sciences at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Alongside having interactive and practical classes, you can find jobs and positions to boost your CV and earn some money. You can find work part-time for a digital outlet during your studies. For example, content writing and copywriting are both growing sectors.

Financial Management and Banking

If you are interested in finance or economics, the Armenian State University of Economics could be the place for you. Studying there will introduce you to a strategic financial dashboard and help you become a professional leader. As a bonus, you can take an internship at banks like HSBS and Ameriabank, which will enhance your portfolio and help build your CV.

4. Is Studying Abroad in Armenia Affordable? 

Studying abroad in Armenia is affordable, and at the same time, you have a high chance to get a part-time job as an international student. Here is how affordable studying in Armenia can be for you.

Tuition is Affordable

Tuition fees range from $160 to $1400. You can get a high-quality education in Armenia at affordable prices, and at the same time have the opportunity to get a scholarship for your studies. 

There is a large number of international students studying medicine. You can study medicine for about $1100 per semester. In Armenia, you can study a great, sought-after program for less.

Easy to Find Part-Time Jobs

You can find part-time jobs as a student and earn money to help with the cost of living. Working part-time will help you make enough to cover your everyday expenses. If you find a job that lets you work from home, you can even develop better time management skills

There are tons of opportunities for freelancers in lots of sectors. Your university might be able to help you, as will your new friends you’re sure to make in Armenia.

5. The Main Points 

If you’re aiming for the best place to study abroad at an affordable price, then you should think about getting an education in Armenia. A world of adventure in Armenia is only an application away.

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