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Tips for Applying to the Swedish Institute Scholarship

Swedish Institute Scholarship recipient Suci Ariyanti shares her personal experience on applying for the scholarship and studying in Sweden!

Apr 22, 2020
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Are you interested in studying in Sweden and applying for scholarships to help you study? As a former Swedish Institute scholarship recipient, Suci Ariyanti shares her personal experience on applying for the scholarship to help you learn first-hand what it’s like to apply for and receive the scholarship.

The Swedish Institute Scholarships Global Professionals, also known as SISGP, is a full-scholarship given by the Swedish Government for residents of 42 countries throughout the world.

I received the Swedish Institute Scholarship from 2017 to 2019. I’m from Indonesia, and I studied at Halmstad University, majoring in Strategic Entrepreneurship for International Growth. The city, Halmstad, is located in the southern part of Sweden, under the Halland municipality. It has one of the most famous beaches in the country and is worth a visit during summer in Sweden!

It is because of the Swedish Institute Scholarship that I (and other awardees) gained the best possible experience. For example, though I lived far away from Stockholm, I still could attend many insightful events there, make a network out of it, and everything was covered by the Swedish Institute as well!

Thinking of studying abroad in Sweden?

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What to Expect From the SISGP (Or SISS) Scholarship?

Some of you might feel confused as this scholarship was formerly known as SISS (Swedish Institute Study Scholarship). Ever since 2018, they changed the name to SISGP. The coverage of the scholarship remains the same. All successful recipients of the Swedish Institute Scholarship get living costs SEK 10,000, health and accident insurance, and their tuition fees covered each month. All recipients also get an exclusive lifetime membership of the SI Network Future Global Leaders (NFGL) and the SI Alumni Network.

Additionally, for recipients of  the Swedish Institute Scholarship from certain countries, they can enjoy a one-time travel grant of 15,000 SEK throughout their studies. The recipients from other specific countries are also entitled to a one-time travel grant of 10,000 SEK during their studies. 

What to Prepare for the Scholarship?

The scholarship opens once a year, the same is true for university admission. In Sweden, universities of all levels only open their admission once a year as well. There are two admission rounds for each semester. The first application round opens in October, and the second one opens in March of next year. Do note that university admission is usually open for ±3 months, and it is intended for study period starting in autumn.

After the university admission period ends, the SISGP will start receiving applications for 10-14 days. I recommend that you gather all of the documents needed before the applications open.  That way, you won’t feel hurried and can apply for the Swedish Institute Scholarship with ease. Avoid submitting your documents at the last moment! You might have missed something in your application.

You can find all of the details  of the scholarship’s requirements and eligibility criteria on the SISGP website. SI has described everything in a clear and concise manner. My two cents is that you need to read all the details carefully. Swedish people are really strict when it comes to following the rules and fulfilling requirements. Even if you make one small mistake, it will seriously affect your scholarship application.

Pro Tips!

The SI doesn't give its scholarship to all programs in all Swedish universities, they give it only to the selected ones. Thus, there are several points that I think you should be thoughtful about:

  • Choose the program over the university. In Sweden, you don’t need to be worrying about universities, as all universities have equal standards and quality. Choose the program that corresponds to your interest the most. 
  • This scholarship is very competitive. It has thousands of applicants every year, yet only 4% - 6% applicants are successful. Make sure you stand out from the crowd.
  • You are expected to describe yourself in short but rich sentences. Thus, train yourself to write motivational letters/essays -  as many as possible - so that you are able to produce a perfect one later on. Read writing essay tips here.
  • Be honest. Never give false information, or exaggerate things. Not only will the SISGP committee do random checks on applicants, but it is also important to keep your integrity intact.

How Do I Feel About Being Able to Study in Sweden?

In short, I would say, studying in Sweden has been a huge blessing for me. As you might already know, Sweden is an amazing country that's also one of the top study destinations in Europe. Ever since I was a kid, I read an article about how Sweden has a zero percent illiteracy rate. And how Sweden has an amazing landscape, very effective taxation and system of governance, which brings huge benefits to Swedish society. As of now, Sweden is one of the top start-up hubs in the world!

Honestly, in the beginning, I looked at everything beautifully as I was in my honeymoon period. I come from Indonesia, a tropical country that is thousands of miles away, with huge cultural differences compared to Sweden. After I went through my first winter, I realized that there are no  more beautiful cities than those found in Sweden. I enriched myself in an international environment and made friends. I grew stronger and wiser than ever before.