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study abroad checklist

Download the Ultimate Study Abroad Checklist: Make Your Study Abroad Dream a Reality

Planning on studying abroad? Not sure where to begin? How much will it cost? Which activities should you priortise? When is the best time to book flights? How can you make the most of your limited resources?

We've put together this study abroad checklist to help you to answer all these questions - and more!

Maybe you already know what or where you want to study? Or perhaps you’ve just begun researching your options? Either way, our study abroad checklist can help you to decide where and what to study, and what to do when you first arrive - together with everything in between!

What's inside?

  • A complete overview of every step you’ll need to take to make your study abroad dream a reality.

  • Individual checklists for the actions you should be taking 1 year, 8-10 months, 5-6 months, 3 months, 1 month, 1 week, and 1 day before departure.

  • Practical tips to make your journey as smooth as possible: from setting a budget to getting a haircut and making friends - we've got you covered!

Get your free checklist!

Get access to the official study abroad checklist to learn how you can start on your study abroad journey!

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Mainly from South Africa, he has also lived and studied in Botswana and France. He is currently based in Sweden after moving there to study abroad.

Last update: 26 Aug 2020

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