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EHL hospitality management

How You Can Make an Impact with a Hospitality Management Degree

Looking for a program that can give you the wide-ranging skills needed to make an impact? EHL Hospitality Business School may be the perfect choice for you. EHL, founded in 1893 as Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, provides you with a foundation of knowledge in the hospitality business and International team management along with practical skills that are transferable in any global industry.

Yet, this school does not leave you and your unique background out of the equation. The personal development of each student is a priority. On top of the hands-on experience you’ll receive with an international hospitality management degree at EHL, you will become well-versed in intercultural communication and inclusive business practices. 

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Become a well-rounded leader

Hospitality management at EHL is a step beyond a business-focused degree. Students are taught to lead and launch businesses with the added benefit of internships and hands-on industry expertise in a wide range of sectors. 

In the hospitality management program at EHL, becoming an experienced professional equates to a holistic education, where your personal and professional development are considered equally. Graduates emerge with a global perspective of themselves and the world. There is an emphasis on respect, creativity, and responsibility within the school culture - giving students space for innovative entrepreneurship.

Choose your own path

The hospitality management program is designed in a way to give you a strong base of business skills along with the freedom to choose your own path. From fine-dining workshops to applied mathematics, a hospitality management degree gives you the tools to be a successful professional. 

The program branches out into different areas of business management, offering a world of opportunity for students to learn more about various sectors. This broad knowledge gives students access to many different jobs where customer experience is key. In fact, nearly half of EHL alumni actually work outside the hotel industry, focusing on careers like banking, real estate, or luxury goods. 

All EHL hospitality management graduates have shared expertise in customer experience and skills in marketing, strategic decision-making, leadership, and management. As business and hospitality jobs alike require these skills, the program gives you the foundational experience you need to explore any business-related career path.

Discover a balance between business and benevolence

Professionals around the world face a complicated future, and future leaders in hospitality management are no exception. Being a business professional requires more complex problem-solving skills than ever before. While many schools limit learning to theory or practical skills, EHL goes beyond these traditional boundaries and is active towards global needs.

The hospitality management program emphasizes environmentally-friendly practices in all areas. Students at EHL are not only taught the ins and outs of the international business world, but they also learn how to design and coordinate business operations in a sustainable way.

EHL has a commitment to innovative projects that focus on reducing carbon footprints through ethical and sustainable hospitality development. The program’s curriculum is continuously adapted to give students skills to address global challenges like climate change, demonstrated in the school’s strong focus on climate-conscious business design.

The school leads by example. You’ll see environmentally-friendly practices in action on campus, including limited waste and sustainable infrastructure. A hospitality management degree ultimately allows students to become independent and environmentally-conscious leaders of the business world.

Immerse yourself in a multicultural campus environment

EHL is home to international students from all over the world and all walks of life. As you learn how to navigate an extensive number of service-related careers, you will also learn how to work with people from a wide range of countries and cultures. 

Imagine a program that nurtures your value as an individual, where inclusiveness is a core value. In EHL’s hospitality management program, your unique experiences and background are considered an active asset. The highly international backgrounds of students create the perfect environment for building your skills in communicating across a wide range of cultures while sharing your own.

There are plenty of opportunities for active engagement with others both inside and outside the classroom. Students are encouraged to join school committees to develop their interests in athletics or their social and professional experiences.

Take your international business skills to the next level

Are you hoping to positively impact the world with your business ideas? EHL can help you develop your visions and turn them into reality, especially in the Bachelor’s program in hospitality management. Students benefit from immersion into their areas of interest with two six-month-long internships, where they can apply their technical, personal, and relational knowledge in hospitality management and make industry connections.

EHL students are also supported in their entrepreneurial endeavors. Expert faculty advise students on start-up projects for guidance in building their concepts - ultimately helping them to hit the ground running. 

If you’re looking to become a leader in the business world, a hospitality management degree at EHL will provide you with the perfect balance of teamwork skills, individual development, and practical experience to land any kind of business career you set your eyes on.

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Founded as École Hôtelière de Lausanne in 1893, EHL is the world’s leader in hospitality business education, advisory services and innovation resources for businesses and learning centers. Our purpose is to augment the level of excellence, in our students and the industry, by enriching traditional hospitality education and business models with the values of tomorrow.

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