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Are you interested in attending a free virtual fair where you can meet universities and chat with recruiters? Spaces are limited, so  learn more and reserve your free ticket today!

The Global Study Abroad Fair - November 12th, 2020

Are you interested in meeting universities, colleges, and other higher education institutions from around the world?

Sign up for's free virtual event where you can:

  • walk our 3D exhibition hall,
  • live chat with international student recruiters,
  • attend webinars to learn more about different institutions. 


  • Date: November 12th, 2020
  • Time: 05:00-20:00 UTC
  • Place:
  • Price: Free!

Sound interesting?

Spaces are limited, so please reserve your place now.

Global Study Abroad Fair 2020 Registration
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Interested in a sneak peek of what the fair will be like? Here's a short video where you can preview the look and feel of the event.

What time should I be there?:

We know that the audience comes from all corners of the world. You may attend any time between 05:00-20:00 UTC, but we will have active recruiters specialized in your region who you can chat with live during the following windows.

Your region

When will recruiters be available in my region?

What time is that in my time zone?

Asia and Australasia

5:00-8:00 UTC

10:00-13:00 PKT

10:30-13:30 IST

11:00-14:00 BST

12:00-15:00 ICT

13:00-16:00 CTT

14:00-17:00 JST

14:30-17:30 ACT

15:00-18:00 - ChST

16:00-19:00 AET

17:00-20:00 NST

Europe, Middle East & Africa

11:00-14:00 UTC

11:00-14:00 UTC,

12:00-15:00 CET

13:00-16:00 EET

13:00-16:00 MET

14:00-17:00 EAT

14:00-17:00 ART

15:00-19:00 NET


17:00-20:00 UTC

6:00-9:00 MIT,

7:00-10:00 HST

8:00-11:00 AST

9:00-12:00 PST

10:00-13:00 MST

11:00-14:00 CST

12:00-15:00 EST

13:00-16:00 PRT

13:30-16:30 CNT

14:00-17:00 AGT

14:00-17:00 BET

I'd love to attend but I can't make it when recruiters will be active. When is the entire fair taking place in my time zone?

Time zone


What time is the fair in your time zone?

UTC - Universal Coordinated Time (GMT)

London, Dublin, Lisbon, Accra

05:00 - 19:00 (Nov. 12th)

CET - European Central Time (+1:00)

Berlin, Stockholm, Paris, Lagos, Kinshasa 

06:00 - 20:00 (Nov. 12th)

EET - Eastern European Time (+2:00)

Kyiv, Warsaw, Bucharest, Johannesburg
07:00 - 21:00 (Nov. 12th)

MET - Middle East Time (+2:00)

Tel Aviv, Cairo, Beirut, Baghdad

07:00 - 21:00 (Nov. 12th)

EAT - Eastern African Time (+3:00)

Nairobi, Juba, Addis Ababa

08:00 - 22:00 (Nov. 12th)

ART - Arabic Standard Time (+3:00)

Mecca, Doha, Kuwait City, Tehran

08:00 - 22:00 (Nov. 12th)

NET - Near East Time (+4:00)

Dubai, Muscat

09:00 - 23:00 (Nov. 12th)

PKT - Pakistan Standard Time (+5:00)

Lahore, Islamabad, Dushanbe, Samarkand

10:00 (Nov. 12th) - 00:00 (Nov. 13th)

IST - India Standard Time (+5:30)

Delhi, Mumbai, Colombo

10:30 (Nov. 12th) - 00:30 (Nov. 13th)

BST - Bangladesh  Standard Time (+6:00)

Dhaka, Thimphu

11:00 (Nov. 12th) - 01:00 (Nov. 13th)

ICT - Indochina Time (+7:00)

Ho Chi Minh City, Bangkok, Jakarta, Hong Kong

12:00 (Nov. 12th) - 02:00 (Nov. 13th)

CTT - China/Taiwan Time (+8:00)

Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei, Irkutsk

13:00 (Nov. 12th) - 03:00 (Nov. 13th)

JST - Japan Standard Time (+9:00)

Tokyo, Seoul, Pyongyang

14:00 (Nov. 12th) - 04:00 (Nov. 13th)

ACT - Australian Central Time (+9:30)

Darwin, Alice Springs

14:30 (Nov. 12th) - 04:30 (Nov. 13th)

ChST - Chamorro Standard Time (+10:00)

Vladivostok, Guam

15:00 (Nov. 12th) - 05:00 (Nov. 13th)

AET - Australian Eastern Time (+11:00)

Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra

16:00 (Nov. 12th) - 06:00 (Nov. 13th)

NST - New Zealand Standard Time (+12:00)

Auckland, Christchurch, Fiji, Kiribati

17:00 (Nov. 12th) - 07:00 (Nov. 13th)

MIT - Midway Islands Time (-11:00)

American Samoa, Niue

18:00 (Nov. 11th) - 08:00 (Nov. 12th)

HST - Hawaii Standard Time (-10:00)

Honolulu, Cook Islands

19:00 (Nov. 11th) - 09:00 (Nov. 12th)

AST - Alaska Standard Time (-9:00)

Anchorage, Aleutian Islands, French Polynesia 

20:00 (Nov. 11th) - 10:00 (Nov. 12th)

PST - Pacific Standard Time (-8:00)

Vancouver, San Francisco, Portland (OR), Seattle

21:00 (Nov. 11th) - 09:00 (Nov. 12th)

MST - Mountain Standard Time (-7:00)

Chihuahua, El Paso, Wichita 

22:00 (Nov. 11th) - 12:00 (Nov. 12th)

CST - Central Standard   Time (-6:00)

Chicago, Mexico City, New Orleans, San Salvador

23:00 (Nov. 11th) - 13:00 (Nov. 12th)

EST - Eastern Standard  Time (-5:00)

New York, Washington D.C., Boston, Miami, Nassau, Lima, Havana

00:00 - 14:00 (Nov. 12th)

PRT - Puerto Rico Time (-4:00)

San Juan

01:00 - 15:00 (Nov. 12th)

CNT - Canada  Newfoundland Time (-3:30)

St John's, Halifax

01:30 - 15:30 (Nov. 12th)

AGT - Argentina Standard Time (-3:00)

Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Santiago

02:00 - 16:00 (Nov. 12th)

BET - Brazil Eastern Time (-3:00)

Brasilia, Rio

02:00 - 16:00 (Nov. 12th)

Last update: 15 Oct 2020

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