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Coronavirus (COVID-19): Support for Current and Prospective Students

This page is dedicated to making sure current and prospective students have the most up to date information about any changes to study abroad programs during the COVID-19 outbreak. This page is not intended to provide news updates or medical advice. Please visit the World Health Organization (WHO) website for this information.

At, we understand the value of study abroad in a student's journey. We also believe in making study abroad a safe, positive experience for everyone.

That's why we're dedicated to helping students pursue their education during this difficult time. We hope to help current and prospective students by providing more virtual courses and degree programs, along with helpful advice for studying remotely and staying positive!

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What are we doing to help you?

Increasing the number of virtual degree programs available

We are working as quickly as possible with our trusted institutions to make sure you have access to as many virtual degree programs as possible.

We are increasing our portfolio of virtual degree programs as quickly as we can and will be updating these regularly with new programs for you. 

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Working hard to understand the impact of COVID-19 on the student journey

  • How are student priorities changing?
  • What is most important to students during this time?
  • What can do to help?

The outbreak of the coronavirus is presenting all of us with challenges we haven't faced before. We are moving quickly to understand its impact on students and universities and how both parties are adapting to the current challenges and opportunities it presents.

In order to give you the best possible information, we want to know how the coronavirus outbreak is affecting you. Have your study abroad plans changed as a result of the virus, or are you thinking of postponing your trip?

If you're interested in finding out what other students are doing when it comes to study abroad, fill in the form below to get updates and access to our survey results!

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Last update: 27 Oct 2020

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