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13 Cool Jobs For International Students

Learn about 13 cool jobs that pay well and can make your career more fun and exciting.

May 17, 2024
  • Career Advice
13 cool jobs for international students

Are you looking for a cool job that would make you look forward to waking up every morning? There are many cool careers you can pursue to put your skills and degree to use in a fun way while also earning a decent living. Here's our list of 13 cool jobs for you!

Note: The average annual salary data is taken from Indeed, Glassdoor, and BLS.

#13 Bed tester

  • Average annual salary: $56,000
  • Requirements: Good health, communication skills, the ability to fall asleep in different surroundings

A cool job where you're getting paid to sleep, isn't that a dream? As a bed tester, you'll help product designers and manufacturers by analyzing the comfort and design of mattresses, pillows, quilts, and other sleep-related products. You may also be a part of a research study on brain activity and waves, and sleeping patterns.

#12 Urban planner

  • Average annual salary: $63,000
  • Requirements: Preferably a Master's degree in Urban Planning, Geography, or a related field; problem-solving and analytical skills

Urban planners work with the government and community to help grow and develop urban areas. As an urban planner, you'll be researching and addressing issues such as zoning, transportation, land use, and environmental concerns.

#11 Film critic

  • Average annual salary: $63,000
  • Requirements: At least a Bachelor's in Film Studies, Screenwriting, or Journalism; passion for cinema

Reviews can impact a movie's box office success and even boost the filmmakers' careers. Film critics analyze acting, plot development, writing, directing, editing, and cinematography to write professional reviews and help people decide whether to watch a movie. They can be a part of a magazine or have a private blog.

#10 Curator

Cool jobs: Curator

  • Average annual salary: $64,000
  • Requirements: A Master's in Art History, Fine Arts, History, or related field; communication and project management skills

This is one of the many cool careers in art and culture. A curator manages a collection of art and exhibits in a museum, gallery, or library. In this position, you'll be designing and organizing events and exhibitions, researching and acquiring items for the collection, and putting together fundraisers to support the mission of your cultural institution.

#9 Cartographer

  • Average annual salary: $66,000
  • Requirements: At least a Bachelor's degree in Cartography, Geography, Geomatics, or similar; advanced knowledge of geographic information systems (GIS)

Yes, cartographers still exist. Even though advancements in technology made mapmaking more precise and efficient, this process needs a human involved. At the very least, cartographers play a crucial role in quality control. They also analyze geographic data, design and create maps, and work with other professionals, to produce maps for specific needs, such as weather forecasting.

#8 Interior designer

  • Average annual salary: $69,000
  • Requirements: A Bachelor's in Interior Design or similar, creative talent

Become an interior designer and create aesthetically pleasing and practical spaces. Interior designers translate customers' style, color, and functionality requests into a creative plan and oversee the whole execution process.

#7 Fragrance chemist

Cool jobs: Fragrance chemist

  • Average annual salary: $71,000
  • Requirements: At least a Bachelor's in Chemistry or related field

Fragrance chemists are an essential part of the perfume industry. By experimenting with different chemicals and concentrations, they create signature and unforgettable scents, like the famous Chanel №5. They also replicate the natural scents and formulate fragrances to be safe for you and the environment.

#6 Toy designer

  • Average annual salary: $76,000
  • Requirements: Preferably a Bachelor's in Graphic Design, Industrial Design, or related field; creativity and experience with children

You can make all your childhood dreams come true by becoming a toy designer. In this position, you'll be responsible for creating new toys, designing and making prototypes, and pitching your ideas to your team and toy manufacturers.

#5 Crossword puzzle maker

  • Average annual salary: $77,000
  • Requirements: Extensive knowledge of wide-ranging vocabulary

Become the person behind fun crossword puzzles, like the one you see on Wordle! Creating crossword puzzles requires a blend of creativity, language skills, and attention to detail. Crossword puzzle makers put in work to make the puzzles challenging and entertaining to diversify people's leisure time and stimulate their brains.

#4 Video game designer

Cool jobs: Video game designer

  • Average annual salary: $88,000
  • Requirements: A Bachelor's degree in Computer Programming, 3D Animation, Modeling, Game design, or similar; passion for video games

Create games for computers, mobile devices, and gaming systems as a video game designer! They use their knowledge of programming and computer graphics to build new games from start to finish. Designers also develop stories for different characters and rules of gameplay.

#3 Ship captain

  • Average annual salary: $100,000
  • Requirements: A certificate or an Associate degree in Maritime Studies or Marine Science and a license

Have you ever dreamed of steering a ship across the vast oceans? If so, a job as a ship captain might be perfect for you! Ship captains plan and chart courses, operate navigation instruments, and ensure the safety of the passengers and crew members onboard.

#2 White hat hacker

  • Average annual salary: $110,000
  • Requirements: A Bachelor's or a Master's in Computer Programming, Computer Science, Cybersecurity, or a relevant field; an ethical hacking certification

This is a great chance to be as cool as all those hackers you've seen in movies but in an ethical way. Many companies hire white hat hackers to legally break into their computers and networks to test the organization's security. Hackers identify weak points in computer networks and help fix the flaws to prevent actual attacks.

#1 Robotics engineer

Cool jobs: Robotics engineer

  • Average annual salary: $115,000
  • Requirements: At least a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Computer science, or a similar field

Do the Boston Dynamics' robot dogs excite you? You can make your own! As a robotics engineer, you'll play a key role in the development of robotic systems, overseeing every stage from initial concept and design to programming, testing, and implementation. Robotics engineers' work can have various applications such as industrial automation, medical robotics, autonomous vehicles, and consumer electronics.