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Berlin in Germany

5 Awesome Reasons to Study for an MBA in Germany

MBA study has become a popular option for many students and professionals, as it offers opportunities to jump up the corporate ladder, start a business or switch careers. In fact, a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) is one of the most sought-after graduate programs in the world as it equips students with a wide range of managerial and strategic decision-making skills.

Students can attain MBA degrees abroad with a variety of specializations at universities worldwide to catapult their careers to the next level. And studying an MBA in Germany in English is becoming an increasingly popular choice for those wanting to earn an MBA whilst gaining international experience. 

The reasons why studying MBA in Germany is a fantastic choice for you are numerous. Here are just 5 reasons why Germany is a great destination to study an MBA abroad and why you should consider studying an MBA in Germany.

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1. Endless Options

If you’re rooting for an MBA in Germany, you’ll be happy to know that Germany offers plenty of options in terms of MBA specializations. Among MBA programs in Germany, for example, there are programs emphasizing Engineering Management, Big Data Management, Marketing and so on. The assortment of specializations offered in this country will help you find something that is a perfect mix of your academic qualifications, interests and career goals. 

Worried about your German skills? There's no need! You can study an MBA in Germany through English-taught programs. As a popular MBA study abroad destination for international students, German universities offer learning environments that are inclusive and globally-minded, making it possible for students to study an MBA in Germany in English. English is also widely spoken across Germany, so you can use English outside of the classroom too!

2. High-Quality Education

Germany is home to some of the world’s best academics, with their pedagogical skills and expertise playing a key role in the shaping of future business professionals and leaders. You can find the best MBA programs in Germany from top business schools like WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management, ESMT Berlin, and TU Kaiserslautern

Moreover, by studying an MBA in Germany, you can also benefit from its flexible education system and multicultural social environment. All of these factors make Germany a great place to study an MBA abroad. 

3. Affordable Tuition Fees

Normally, many prospective students think that it would cost a lot of money  to study an MBA abroad, and that only a few people could afford it. However, this is not the case if you’re planning to study an MBA in Germany.  

As it’s home to one of the world's largest education systems, you can find a wide selection of MBA programs in Germany, many of which have much lower tuition fees than for similar programs in the United States, Canada and other parts of Europe. To make things even better, international students who study an MBA in Germany can also work part-time or apply for scholarship programs offered by the university. This will further reduce your financial burden while studying an MBA abroad. 

4. Attractive Future Prospects

The huge, strong economy is another reason why it’s attractive to study an MBA in Germany. It has the largest economy in Europe, which means that multinational companies are eager to hire and expand their teams in the country. Graduates in Germany with an Executive MBA or MBA degree will earn an average salary of about €108,000 ($128,000), placing them among the top 3 highest-paying degrees in Germany

In fact, Germany is home to many multinational companies, like BMV, Volksvagen, and Adidas. The high number of global companies in Germany creates a high demand for individuals with strong management skills. The variety of global companies in Germany gives young MBA graduates the chance to become part of a huge professional team, working in a diverse environment, and being a direct part of the latest innovations. 

With all of this in mind, pursuing an MBA in Germany is undoubtedly a great investment that pays off over time. 

5. Post-Study Residence Permit

While EU residents do not require any permit, those from outside the EU will need to apply for a residence permit once they have completed their MBA programs in Germany. The immigration laws permit students from non-EU countries to apply for a maximum of four years residence permit to search for jobs in Germany that fit their educational qualifications. In other words, you will be able to deeply explore another culture and work in international companies once you have completed your MBA in Germany. 

It is also worth noting that, unlike some countries, this residence permit is separate from the student visa for Germany. After completing an MBA in Germany, you will need to apply for this document through the local foreign nationals’ registration office. Check out our article on German student visas and permits for more information. 

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