Modern lead generation in online student recruitment

Especially in highly contested markets like higher education the way you sell your institute can make the difference in your student recruitment results. Your lead generation activities are fundamental to this.

Most people working in marketing and sales have general insight of the term lead generation. However, reviewing what something means at the most basic level is refreshing and can help to see things in a different perspective: hence, in business lead generation is defined as: “the action or process of identifying and cultivating potential customers for a business's products or services.” Subsequently, the term lead marks an early stage in the customer life cycle. Translated to the higher education industry leads equal prospective students which set the fundament for student admissions.

Student recruitment funnel portraying the different life cycle stages of a student

As you most likely already do, this is where institutions can reach out to education-exchange-platforms – elevating their international student recruitment acquisition activities in quantity and quality. In the case of enlisted institutions on this converts to a yearly expose of over 30 million visits with 1.6 million click-throughs to their respective institution pages. The driving force behind this is:

  • SEO attuned organic traffic inflow

90% of visit-traffic comes organic. This makes it the foundation for attracting high amounts of visitors and subsequently leads sustainably. Fundamental to this is making sure that your created content stays up to date with SEO - like ranking high in your audience top keywords in search engine result pages (SERP). For example: studying abroad … This is just in a nutshell how education exchange platforms can be used for supporting your student recruitment activities. 

  • Multi-channel campaign outreaches

Through various multi-channel marketing campaigns prospective students get nurtured through content but mostly through a repetitive nurturing approach (recent studies in sales about following-up methods have shown an x% conversion increase). 

    • Newsletters: (sent out to 300.000 members)
    • Email-targeting: customize down to data like countries/region, program level, age etc.
    • Social retargeting: over facebook & instagram ads

Accomplishing effective lead generation is crucial to your student recruitment activities, however it is difficult to achieve. Therefore, if you should consider cooperating with an education exchange platform it is important to consider not only the platform but the support and resources, you’ll receive behind that. For further information on how specifies in lead generation in the higher education industry visit our institutions-page:

Institute Section

“ is the perfect place for our outreach.  The enquiries we receive are a great mix of international students from all over the world who are serious about finding their higher education destinations.”

Robert DiNardi, Director of Marketing - The New School, New York

Last update: 20 Dec 2019