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Students With Disabilities - Funding Your Studies

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Finding Funding & Scholarships

Most overseas schools charge a fee for international study programs, and this is an important consideration when studying abroad. It may be possible to apply for scholarships or funding to assist with these costs, but you will need to contact the school regarding their fees and scholarships.

There are often other costs associated with studying abroad that are not directly linked to the study program, such as travel costs, housing, orientation, airport pick-up, health insurance and tuition.

If you have a health insurance plan, like Medicaid, that will not cover you while overseas, look for a program that offers group insurance that covers pre-existing conditions or prescription medications or provides mental health coverage if that is what you need. Finding individual travel insurance or even full international medical insurance that covers these can be difficult to find or qualify for on overseas programs less than a year long. See the MIUSA tipsheet for more information.

Disability organizations and charities, both at home and abroad, may offer scholarships that can be used for overseas study or other experiences. Other resources for potential financial assistance includes:

  • Scholarships/Grants/Fellowships Listings
  • Ethnic & Disability Associations
  • Community Organizations
  • Disability Organizations
  • Embassies
  • Local Businesses & Associations
  • Fundraising

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This guide was developed in association with Mobility International USA.

Last update: 15 Mar 2017

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