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Students With Disabilities - Finding a Course

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Find the Perfect Program To Study Abroad

There are thousands of study abroad courses available on from all over the world. You can choose from a week long summer course to a PhD program, and everything in between. Although students with a disability may have a few more considerations when choosing a country to study in, or a school to attend, we are confident that you can find your perfect education program with us.

Use the education search engine to help find a course to suit your needs. You can search by country, city, education type or topic.

Studying abroad is an experience that will help you reach personal goals, challenge your ideas about the world, ignite your independence or offer unique opportunities to teach, assist or research with others from different cultures in your field.

Some considerations for students with disabilities wishing to study abroad include:

  • A place where the local people speak the same language as you do or a place where they speak a different language
  • A place where the culture/food is similar to yours or to one which is different from yours
  • A place where disability access is good and attitudes are progressive or a place where the experience of being there is more preferential than your independence or use of adaptive equipment
  • A country where programs that interest you are established (e.g. art programs of Italy, Spanish language programs of Mexico, eco-tourism in New Zealand, AIDS/HIV prevention programs in Africa) or one where you are developing your own program
  • A country where the climate is similar to where you currently live or one that is different and one where you are willing or medically able to adjust to a different climate

Find a Study Abroad Program

This guide was developed in association with Mobility International USA.

Last update: 15 Mar 2017

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