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Master Degrees

Earning a Master Degree from a school abroad is a great way to improve your value on the job market or start your research career. It is also a perfect chance to gain experience from other cultures and to specialize in your desired field of study. You can find your ideal Masters Degree here at!

Master Degrees are in some countries postgraduate degrees awarded after 1-6 years of academic studies, and in some countries an undergraduate degree awarded after 1-5 years of study. The longer Master Degrees are generally for students without previous academic merits, and the 1-2 years long programmes are for those continuing to study after having completing a Bachelor Degree.


Admission requirements

Depending on what country you want to study abroad in, the admission requirements for Master degrees vary to a great extent. If the Master Degrees are held on undergraduate level, no previous academic merits are needed, and if they are held on graduate level, a Bachelor Degree is usually required.

Types of Master Degrees

There are many different types of Master Degrees, the most common ones being the Master of Arts (MA) and the Master of Science (MS). The Master of Business Administration (MBA) and the Master of Law (LLM) are two other examples of common Master Degrees that are highly recognized within their respective academic areas, and often required if you wish to pursue a career within those fields.

Why a Master Degree?

Master Degrees gives students a broad insight in the concerned subject of study and an analytical mindset, and studying abroad further increases your experience and understanding of the international context. Needless to say, if you study for Master Degrees abroad, you will be well prepared to work in an international setting!

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Last update: 20 Aug 2010