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Education Programs in Hotel, Tourism and Leisure

Studies in Hotel, Tourism and Leisure are varied, and available at a number of study levels; from summer courses and diplomas to Doctorate or PhDs.

This section is designed to help students to identify which area of study within Hotel, Tourism and Leisure to pursue and how to find a course suited to your level of education and field of interest.

We have subdivided the available educational courses into the following categories:

Courses in Event Management

Events management study programs prepare students for organising and managing events ranging in scope, scale and complexity from large scale music festivals to corporate meetings, and cover activities from sport and culture to product launches and fundraising.

It is the responsibility of the event manager to ensure the smooth planning and execution of such events.

Educational courses in Event Management incorporate a wide range of subject areas. Such courses cross the boundaries between marketing, customer service, finance, project management, risk assessment, planning and other business skills to develop multi-disciplined, creative team leaders and graduates capable of organising the largest event down to the smallest detail.

Courses in Hotel Management

Hotel Management study programs are concerned with coordinating the many operational tasks necessary for running a successful hotel. Hoteliery is a services industry and, as such, customer service, appearance and attention to detail are paramount.

Hotel Management students learn the importance of maintaining the character and style of a hotel, manage other employees and to always keep an eye on the economic and cost/benefit balance of running a business.

Studying Hotel Management will provide students with a varied and challenging degree program and a qualification that will provide employment opportunities across the globe.

Other Hotel, Tourism & Leisure courses

There are a number of other popular Hotel, Tourism and Leisure study courses available to students interested in the industry. Below is a list of some of the other most popular courses. Click on the links below to see a list of those study courses we offer:

additional resources: - Tourism & Hotel Management Educational Courses Abroad

Last update: 18 Apr 2016

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