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Diploma program business educations

business diploma

Diploma program business educations

Students that want to study for less than three years to receive a higher education degree in business can choose diploma programs business educations. This education type includes a number of degrees where the titles somewhat different from one country to another, associate degrees being one of the most common names used.

As well as being shorter, diploma programs in business are usually also practically oriented and often include internships or practical projects.

Associate Degrees

An associate degree usually lasts for two years and some of the common Associate degrees in business includes the AAB (Associate of Applied Business) and the ABA (Associate of Business Administration). This degree type is used in countries such as the USA, Canada, Hong Kong and Australia. There are generally speaking two types of associate degrees: transefer degrees and professional degrees. A transfer degree prepares the student for a Bachelor degree whiles the professional degree is meant to prepare the student for a professional position.

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Last update: 25 May 2011