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Bachelor Degrees

Looking for academic programs worldwide? Find the Bachelor Degrees of your dreams right here at! Bachelor Degrees are usually an academic degree at undergraduate level, awarded for a course or major that generally lasts for three, four, or in some cases and countries, five or six years. 


A completed Bachelor's Degree is usually required before entering graduate studies, such as Master or Doctorate/PhD. Degrees. There are Bachelor Degrees on offer within most academic areas.

Admission requirements

Admission to Bachelor Degrees educations does generally not require any previous academic experience. However, it usually requires completion of upper secondary school and different education institutions set different standards for their entry requirements.

Types of Bachelor Degrees

There are many different types of Bachelor Degrees, the most common ones being the Bachelor of Arts (BA) and the Bachelor of Science (BS). Some schools award the Bachelor of Arts for degrees within the humanities; however, and some Universities simply award it for all academic subjects. The same is true for the BS, hence, the degree category does not automatically point out the area of study. There are more precise types of degrees as well; amongst the most common ones are the Bachelor of Engineering (BAI), the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), the Bachelor of Liberal Arts (BLA), the Bachelor of Science in Education (BSE) and the Bachelor of Law (LLB).

Honours degrees

Bachelor Degrees can be differentiated as either pass or honour (Hons.) degrees. Generally, an honours degree requires a higher academic standard than a regular degree. This primarily applies to Universities and Colleges under the new British system, such as Great Britain, USA, Canada and India.

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Last update: 20 Aug 2010