2022 Study a Master's in Europe Scholarship Finalists

Study a Master's in Europe Scholarship - 2022 Finalists

We couldn't be more proud to present the 2022 finalists for our Study a Master's in Europe Scholarship at educations.com.

These candidates stood out from thousands of applicants as outstanding examples of up-and-coming, globally-minded leaders who are pursuing Master's programs in Europe. They are listed below in alphabetical order.

Amir Rakhimov


Pursuing an MSc in Bioinformatics at the Free University of Berlin in Germany

Amir’s goal is to use bioinformatics and artificial intelligence to make anti-cancer drugs and medicine more accessible to the public.

Amir's background:

Amir studied his Bachelors in Genomics at the University of Bologna and wants to apply his knowledge in bioinformatics and systems biology after his master’s. He is looking forward to studying cells as complex systems and using artificial intelligence to understand how they respond to novel medicines. With bioinformatics and  artificial intelligence, there are possibilities for speeding up the processes of drug design and testing.

How Amir chose his country of study:

The Free University of Berlin is one of the leading universities in the world, with high research output and outstanding professors. Several labs at FU Berlin use machine learning in their research. Gaining knowledge from expert bioinformaticians will help Amir become a professional in his field.

How Amir plans to become a globally-minded leader:

One of Amir’s career goals is to study in Europe and gain work experience there afterwards. He is sure that he will make friends with his German colleagues as he did during his Bachelor’s studies. Since the Free University of Berlin has a strong collaboration network with other universities, Amir wants to work with leading scientists worldwide and broaden his knowledge.

Dipak Kumar Sarker


Pursuing an MSc in Textile Technology and Engineering at the University of Borås in Sweden

As a Bangladeshi textile professional heavily concerned by the current environmental issues of the textile industry, Dipak Kumar is pursuing his desire to change the way clothing is manufactured through his studies abroad.

Dipak Kumar's background:

Dipak Kumar graduated from his four-year Bachelor of Science in Textile Engineering at Daffodil International University in Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2012 with a GPA of 3.96/4.00.

During his bachelor’s, Dipak Kumar was at the top of his class, maintained an overall IELTS score of 7, and received multiple merit-based scholarships for his academic achievements.

Some of his most influential work was on the project, "Investigation into Natural Dyes suitable for dyeing Textile Fibers" under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Engr. Zulhash Uddin, a visiting professor in the Department of Textile Engineering at Daffodil International University. He also worked as an intern for GMS Composite Knitting Industriesin Gazipur, Bangladesh.

Dipak Kumar has many years of experience working in the Textile & Retail industry. He worked for Varner AS, Norway’s Bangladesh Liaison Office for seven years, Metro Knitting & Dyeing Mills for nearly three years, and almost a year at ACS Textiles (BD) in Narayanganj, Bangladesh.

How Dipak Kumar chose his country of study:

Sweden is one of the few countries who is leading a global campaign for sustainability. Learning advanced knowledge in his field and elements of Scandinavian culture would help Dipak Kumar reach his objective to further environmentally consciousness in the textile industry.

Concerning the university in itself, Dipak Kumar was drawn to the University of Borås, Sweden, as it is one of the finest European institutes to offer higher education and research in the field of Textiles. The Swedish School of Textiles is one of the most prestigious schools at the University of Borås and is one of the oldest of its kind in Europe. It offers courses in Advanced Textile Manufacturing, Textile-based Composites, Ethics in the Textile Value Chain, and Smart Textiles.

How Dipak Kumar plans to become a globally-minded leader:

Having seen first-hand the hazardous consequences of European and American clothing production, Dipak Kumar is determined to contribute to making textile manufacturing and waste management more sustainable.  He hopes to save the environment of manufacturing countries for the next generation.

After graduating, Dipak Kumar aims to unite global textile manufacturers on a common platform to save the environment with combined efforts in technological support and sustainable development.

Nyein Zaw Ko


Pursuing an MPhil in Conservation Leadership at the University of Cambridge in the UK

Nyein is a Burmese environmentalist set on boosting awareness, expanding outreach, and changing societal views on environmental issues, with hopes to inspire more grassroots conservation initiatives in his home country.

Nyein Zaw Ko's background:

Originally an engineer, Nyein switched careers three years ago and embarked upon a difficult challenge to raise Irrawaddy dolphin conservation to the forefront of conservation policy-making in Myanmar. His friends and followers on social media call him the ‘Dolphin Man’ in reference to his feature in WWF-Myanmar. He embodies a role as a ‘Planet Hero’ in his activism and campaign for protecting endangered Irrawaddy dolphins.

He currently works at Conservation International in Singapore to improve the Freshwater Health Index, a conservation tool on which landscape-level policy decisions can be based.

Nyein Zaw Ko became the first person from Myanmar to gain admission to the MPhil in Conservation Leadership programme at the University of Cambridge this year.

Like his idol Dr. Jane Goodall, his lifelong ambition is to establish an international foundation to raise environmental literacy and inspire eco-friendly living.

How Nyein Zaw Ko chose his country of study:

The United Kingdom is an ideal destination for an environmental activist as the nation is a signatory to major multilateral conservation agreements such as the Convention on Biological Diversity, CITES, and the Bonn Convention. The United Kingdom has also established the Darwin Initiative to help developing countries in their commitments to these environmental conventions. The country has additionally  hosted the COP26 and is home to international NGOS such as BirdLife, Fauna and Flora International, and the Zoological Society of London.

The Cambridge Conservation Initiative (CCI) in particular is renowned for its global outreach, aptitude for scientific research, and generous funding for vital conservation projects at biodiversity hotspots. Prominent British conservation leaders, such as Sir David Attenborough and Dr. Jane Goodall also deliver frequent talks for the CCI programme, making it an ideal place for any aspiring conservation activist to learn from the best in the industry.

How Nyein Zaw plans to become a globally-minded leader:

Nyein’s study abroad experience in the United Kingdom would broaden his perspective through exposure to an international setting. International experience would also serve to challenge his personal principles through the introduction of multidisciplinary lenses, as CCI offers ample opportunities to collaborate with established professionals and NGOs on conservation projects based in different socio-demographic contexts outside of Myanmar.

Nyein hopes that his future experience would also help him gain experience working with these organizations and networks, expand his professional network globally, and magnify his credentials as an activist. Although renowned for its rich biodiversity, Myanmar is isolated and poor in resources. After his graduation, Nyein will leverage his newly acquired credentials and network to apply for research grants and funding, eventually connecting Myanmar with the global conservation community. By facilitating the exchange of traditional and scientific knowledge, capacities, and resources between Myanmar and the world, Nyein aims to enhance his leadership values, break into a new frontier in conservation, and evolve into a more empathic global conservation leader.

Sarin Akpulat


Pursuing an MA in Developmental Science at the University of Edinburgh in the UK

Sarin’s main motivation behind attending graduate school for developmental psychology in the United Kingdom is to realize her goal of supporting the mental, physical, and emotional well-being of children. In the future, she hopes to become a child psychologist and researcher in this field.

Sarin's background:

Growing up in Turkey, Sarin realized that a deep cultural resistance seemed to exist towards psychology. She developed a passion for psychology after volunteering at a special needs school in Turkey, where she witnessed just how much children with disabilities and their families were marginalized from society.

Her interest in developmental psychology matured during her studies at McGill University in Canada. Through her experience doing research in psychology labs, mentoring children with disabilities, and taking seminars on specific areas of developmental psychology, she understood the importance of focusing on development. She learned how to reject narratives that pathologize children with neurodevelopmental disorders and those who come from marginalized populations.

How Sarin chose her country of study:

As a world leader in psychological research, Sarin was drawn to the United Kingdom’s state-of-the-art research facilities and collaborative research environments. Through her studies at the University of Edinburgh, she hopes to conduct interdisciplinary research in collaboration with expert researchers in the field of developmental psychology. She plans to simultaneously work with local organizations that support the physical and mental health of children and families.

How Sarin plans to become a globally-minded leader:

The culturally diverse community in Edinburgh will provide Sarin with the ideal environment to mature as a globally minded leader. She looks forward to learning from skilled academics and to exchange knowledge with her peers from all around the world. She hopes to transfer her experience working with individuals from various backgrounds to her interactions with children by approaching them with empathy and by always adopting a non-judgemental stance towards them.

In the future, she hopes to practice as a child psychologist and to collaborate with local and international organizations that support children with mental and physical disabilities while also being an active figure in academia. She additionally seeks to work towards reducing the stigma surrounding children with disabilities and to promote effective strength-based children’s services that are family driven in Turkey.

Sayaka Fukada


Pursuing an MA in Media and Communications at the University of Uppsala in Sweden

Sayaka is a Japanese graduate writing her research on the role of Swedish feminism in the face of social and cultural 'disapproval' of refugees.

Sayaka's background:

Ever since Syaka studied in Finland as an exchange student at the Faculty of Social Science of the University of Helsinki from 2019-2020, she has been interested in Nordic societies. She is especially captivated by Nordic societal equality, not only between classes but also the sexes, bolstered by the construction of traditional welfare policies. Sayaka also volunteered at the Finnish Red Cross and Finnish Refugee Council at that time, where she nourished her practical understanding of the multicultural Finnish society through communication with immigrants.

Sayaka actively engaged in international exchange programs in Japan. She has worked as an assistant at the international support desk at Kyoto University and as a tutor for international students, made feasible from her language skills in Japanese, English, and Korean. She is especially passionate about these efforts because she knows personally about the suffering of minorities. Her half Korean and half Japanese heritage and experience living with her Korean mother in Japan gave her feelings of being ‘Othered’ from the Japanese majority of her country.

How Sayaka chose her country of study:

Sweden is known around the world as one of advanced welfare states based on egalitarianism, and Sayaka’s research focuses on analyzing the digital media discourse surrounding the European refugee crisis in 2015, with a focus on Sweden.

Sayaka’s reserarchs aims to examine the role of Swedish feminism in the face of the social and cultural 'disapproval' of refugees. She would like to reinterpret Swedish feminism as something not just for women, but as a movement for the recognition of refugees and other socially vulnerable groups. She hopes this might clarify the role of feminist movements and ideas from the burgeoning feminist discourse in Sweden’s refugee crisis.

How Sayaka plans to become a globally-minded leader:

Sayaka plans to engage with diverse values both academically and practically in her studies at Uppsala University. She has a clear purpose in her research, and her previous experiences will enhance her learning from new experiences of living in Sweden as a minority and a part of the large international student community.

Vaishnavi Rajesh


Pursuing an MA in Aerospace Vehicle Design at the University of Cranfield in the UK

Vaishnavi comes from India, and harbors both a strong passion for aerospace. She also demonstrates a profound will to inspire women to join the aerospace industry and help girls around the world continue their education. She aims to pursue a doctoral study in aircraft structural design and commence her career as a research engineer to contribute to advanced research and innovation.

Vaishnavi’s background:

Vaishnavi’s fascination with airplanes came from the countless anecdotes and stories of her grandfather, who was a pilot in the Indian Air Force. He inspired her passion and ignited her flame of interest in this specific field.

During her undergraduate studies, Vaishnavi took every possible opportunity to learn more about the subject. She also took on extra-curricular activities such as being an editorial head, writing Indian carnatic music, ancient South-Indian Tanjore painting. All of these experiences helped her learn a great deal about management and responsibility.

Vaishnavi is an Aerospace Engineering graduate with a CGPA of 9.56/10, and was awarded with three gold medals for her achievements during her studies. She placed in first rank in B Tech Aerospace Engineering, received the CSIR-NAL gold medal for the best final-year project, and also was awarded with the SIATI gold medal for being the best student in Aerospace Engineering.

Vaishnavi also volunteered as a career counselor to high school girls and as a teacher-mentor at the NGO Teach for India, where she taught mathematics. She continues to volunteer in this NGO as curriculum developer.

How Vaishnavi chose her country of study:

Vaishnavi found the United Kingdom to be a blend of rich cultures, outstanding education, extensive research expertise and technological development, beautiful landscape, diverse residents, safety, and stability.

She believes that beginning her career in the United Kingdom will offer her unparalleled opportunities. Besides the acquisition of academic knowledge, studying in the United Kingdom would also allow her to build networks with her fellow students and experts from across the globe.

How Vaishnavi plans to become a globally-minded leader:

Vaishnavi hopes to inspire women from South Asian countries to join the aerospace industry. She wants to do her share of making the world a better place and promote education for girls, with specific emphasis on the world of aerospace. After having witnessed first-hand the low number of South Asian women in engineering as compared to their male peers, she wants to promote education for girls and encourage girls to join aerospace engineering. She has had enough of girls being told not to pursue a profession and get married at a young age, and instead wants to support other women in continuing their career goals.

Vaishnavi believes that interacting with her fellow students, both British and international, will help shape her as an open-minded person.

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