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Hult International Business School

Hult International Business School

MBA studentsbachelor studentsbusiness studentsToday’s global economy rewards people who can traverse borders, understand cultures, and operate in international contexts.

Unrivaled global perspective

Hult provides students with an unrivaled global experience, working alongside peers from 135 nationalities speaking 105 languages and learning from faculty with American, European, and emerging market expertise. Hult students graduate with the ability to thrive in international business and adapt rapidly to changing global environments.

Global campus rotation

Hult offers students a unique opportunity to see the world while they study. During their program, students can start anywhere and go anywhere.

Seven cutting-edge campuses in the world’s most influential markets, programs that allow study in multiple locations, students from over 120 countries, and an extensive alumni network working across the globe.

Global Campus Rotation allows students to pick their home campus and then spend up to three months studying at two others. Receiving the same fully accredited, identical quality education at each campus, students can enjoy a seamless experience from Hult to Hult.

Hands-on business experience

Unlike other business schools that are research-oriented, most of Hult’s faculty have real-world experience working for leading global companies, while others have run their own businesses or created their own patents.

Hult empowers students to develop real-world skills by completing a six-week Action Project consulting for a leading company or non-profit, which provides a powerful platform from which to develop strategic thinking about innovation and growth. This reinforces our mission to prepare job-ready graduates who can deliver results from day one.

Thought-leading education

Hult is on the cutting edge of business education in several key areas: emerging markets, digital marketing, social entrepreneurship and crowdsourcing. The school also organizes the world’s largest business school competition for the Hult Prize (formerly known as the Hult Global Case Challenge), which crowdsources ideas from students all over the world to help leading companies and non-profit organizations tackle a major social challenge.

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Steve Hodges, the president of Hult International Business School, describes what makes Hult stand out among the crowd. With 7 global campuses and a diverse student body, Hult offers world-class business programs. 

Education programs - Hult International Business School

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Bachelor of International Business Administration Multiple (2)
Global 1-Year MBA Multiple (6)
Global Executive MBA Multiple (5)
Master of Finance Multiple (6)
Master of International Business Multiple (6)
Master of International Marketing Multiple (6)
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Hult International Business School

Hult International Business School
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Reviews by students

Leyla Cabrera   |   10/9/2016   |   Hult International Business School
In my time in Hult I faced many challenges being the first one moving to a country with a totally different culture on the other side of the world. This made me come out of my comfort zone and work hard to meet new people from all over the world. Hult concentrates projects in team work, which challenges you to find harmony between four or five n...
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Lee Whittington III   |   7/30/2016   |   Hult International Business School
Hult is unlike any other institution. I've had the opportunity to obtain my masters across three campuses: Shanghai, London, Dubai. I've met students from literally every part of the world, and been able to learn about multiple cultures beyond just my three campuses. Beyond the academia, the real value of Hult lies in the connections and experie...
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Froya   |   6/12/2016   |   Hult International Business School
My Hult Experience so far can be summarised in three highlights: diversity, challenges, and personal development. First, with about 35 nationalities in my class alone, I have had the chance to get to know people from around the world both in a professional and a personal level This Global Empathy, as we beautifully call it, is a huge benefit ...
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